this is how it works

Wait until the sea level rises and compromises the integrity of the internet wires in New York city used for high frequency trading. Only then global warming will suddenly become something “of maximum priority for this government” and people will “clap clap clap”. Same sad story for all other countries.

only in this city

Only in this city you ask for the keys to the restrooms in a doctor’s office and they hand you a set of keys chained to a 3D projection of a Tesseract and some sort of Chen–Gackstatter surface.

awkward moments

I love talking in public, I enjoy it a lot, even if I know that speaking in my non-native-english language makes me look less eloquent than I would sound otherwise.

However, I am sometimes a bit anxious during the Q&A that usually follows the talk because when somebody takes the mic and asks me something in a thick accent that my non-native-ear cannot decipher then the situation gets awkward and I naturally feel responsible for it. And I know that there’s nothing I can do to break though the their accent and that a second attempt on their side to ask the same question won’t fix anything at all. It’s a really bad place to be.

ugly human psychology

Is totally sucks…. when you arrive to the airport and you find you have to do one of those huge 2-hours-long-looking zigzagging line for the security check.

But it sucks even more… when you realize it’s been 10 minutes you are in it but there’s absolutely nobody behind you.

Ugly human psychology


“Sure, this person did these bad things that you don’t like… but look, at least you are aware of them and you hence know this person now, you won’t be surprised. And that’s a good thing”

This argument is idiotic. We got to demand a little more than that.

mathematical elephants

I made a new mathematical image. This time I approximated two elephants with a few spheres and parabolic tubes, and some cosine waves. Ironically, the most expensive parts of the drawing in terms of number of expression evaluations is the background bushes. This has been my most advanced mathematical shape modeling exercise yet. I had a blast doing it, I think I like modeling. Still, most of the detailing work was made for camera, meaning, if you were to look at the elephants from the side they’d look pretty stupidly ugly. Lighting is basic, just the usual key (sun) + fill (sky) + bounce (ground) triplet.

The story is that mummy elephant is teaching the little girl elephant to stay under the shadow of the tree when the sun hits strong in the savannah. I think the image looks kind of cute, for been a mathematical formula that is!

The code and real time render example is here:

the positive feedback loop of wealth

when you have money you can pay an accountant that will help you safe money by taking advantage of legal maneuvers that only they know. when you have a bit more money, you can pay an accountant that will help you make more money with the more intricate maneuvers. in fact, the more money you have the more savvy of the system your accountant will be the more sophisticated and advantageous the maneuvers become, and therefore, the more money you make.

basically, when it comes to wealth there’s a reinforcing feedback loop that, as all systems with such a loop, it quickly explodes into its extremes.

do not always blame them

i wonder what is exactly that is pissing so many people off lately in the world that there’s so much hate spreading in the world.

i don’t know it, but i know for sure it’s too simplistic to blame a whole group of idiocy, craziness, or radicalism.

because if the current state of things pissed off that whole half of the population, then perhaps it means we must be it. perhaps, we did something wrong here, or we have not been smart enough in our doings.

i guess what i’m saying if that perhaps Trump is Obama’s fault. that republicans is america’s fault. that immigration crisis in europe is europes fault.


awkwardly good

I already expressed how bad all my experiences have been with professional masseuses. I have tried about a dozen and only two of them turned to deliver pleasant experiences. In fact, the less expensive they were the better it all went. My conclusion is that I am getting this whole massage thing wrong. It’s not supposed to make you feel good I guess. Okey, fine.

In the other hand the one thing that is not designed to make you feel good but does feels really good is the airport x-ray pat down security guy. It feels good. Awkwardly good. So good I think I should start wearing pants with lots of zippers and metallic pieces always. Why not. If only more masseuses were like them.

make them suffer

you want to mess up with people? start writing something in the chat so they see the three dots, then erase it all. start again 5 seconds later, leave it for 30 seconds, then erase it. start one more time after 10 seconds, leave it for two minutes, then erase it. then switch of the chat app.

the “the end” at the end

I really, really dislike when a movie or book ends with a “The End”.

But the end of a movie is implied when it happens. It’s like if after the first sequence of the movie with the title they announced “The Movie Begins Now”. Or like if a musician after his last song said on the mic “and now i’m leaving the stage and we’ll switch the lights off”.

I hate it when they end a movie or book with “The End”

a simplistic discourse leads to deadlock

i see that politicians in america speak a lot in terms of “the bad guys” and “we the good guys”. which is a mental model of reality that’s only useful to the less sophisticated minds, say, those of 12 year old kids, and to the blockbuster movies.

this is disappointing, because, one would expect unnecessary to point out that… of fucking course, at each side of any conflict, everybody are pretty damn sure that they are “the good guys”.

so what about we stop using this filmic interpretation of reality and we embrace a more adult one. because, how exactly are we otherwise going to deal with these conflict deadlocks, my dear 12-years-old-minded politician?

pi in base e

if i haven’t done any mistake when doing these quick operations during dinner, the number PI expressed in base E is 10.1010020… i’d love letting the computer carry on and see if there are any patterns. since after all, E is the most natural number of all.

three options

If you are a programmer and like been challenged by the performance of your code, there seems to be three possible avenues for you depending on what you look for in a job:

* likes having fun -> Augmented / Virtual Reality
* feels like a scientist -> Deep Learning
* wants to be rich -> High Frequency Trading

wasting cycles – pi in pi

I found PI in PI, 8 digits resolution, at digit position 310,605,854. I also found E in Pi, 9 digits, at position 246,890,641. Naturally, you can find your phone number at around position 10 billion (statistically speaking).

Wasting CPU cycles, and totally useless information.

my first hand drawing

this is the first time i draw with a brush and my hands. i’ve spent a few years now drawing with mathematical formulas an with C++ and GLSL code, but today for the first time i took a digital brush in my hands, a white canvas and started putting colors until i got these drawings. granted, this was a virtual space, so in a way i had to “sculpt” (shapes) and “draw” (lighting and colors). it was a fast drawing, about 30 minutes or so. made in Quill. so much fun!