when i was 11 or so i learnt what “voltage” is.

i used to build things by soldering cables and resistors and LEDs and build small circuits (following instructions at first, later doing my own designs which were pretty simple of course). at some point in those early days i remember asking myself why was i sticking to 9V batteries and not using the electricity sockets in the walls, just like the TV set was doing. so i plugged the little LED + resistor to the 220V socket in the wall and i blew the fuses of my house, burn the LED and got a 2 seconds electrocution that felt like an intense bite in my fingers all simultaneously. it was intense (no pun intended), and from there on i started reading about voltage and having a deeper understanding of basic electronics. and more importantly, i learn to never stick anything in those sockets or touch non isolated wires with my bare fingers ever again.

now, the plugs of my apartment have a little plastic protection to prevent kids from going through the same experience. and i guess that is good. but a little old-and-grumpy-man’s voice inside me feels that maybe it’s preventing kids from learning a powerful lesson? isn’t there some vaccine effect in the experience? nah. maybe i lost too many neurons in those experiences and i can’t reason clearly anymore.

disappointed myself

sometimes i think i’m fucked up.

the other day i saw a guy in the train with (i assume) a birth defect who had very tiny tiny arms and malformed hands, which clearly made functioning in life normally impossible. but rather than feeling sorry for him for not being able to write an email or drive a car or get a drink, my first though was of pity for his inability to reach his dick. i felt so weirdly (and somehow fascinatedly) like crap for the next half hour.

should not be a noun

i’m sorry, i don’t consider “entrepreneur” and “innovator” to be valid job titles.

i tend to think they shouldn’t even be nouns but just verbs or adjectives. anyways, in my humble opinion, if you are giving one of those job titles to yourself you are either lying or not understanding how innovation works. i think.

too late

if you haven’t completed your moral and intellectual homework by, say, age 21… then you’ll have to live by media ads and cheese online inspirational quotes. and don’t you dear lecture the rest of the people around you – you’ll sound foolish but probably nobody will have the courage to tell you!

i don’t even

I’ll never understand those people who write reviews for a free weather app. The four thousand of them. I don’t even

people who make the world a worse place

The other day I received this email:


I was wondering if you’d have any interest in VRshader.com or shader.tech for future projects? Both of those domains are for sale.

[omitted name]”

This came out of the blue, I haven’t needed a domain name in years. Still, this email made me so angry that I decided to not ignore the email (as I’d normally do to such random emails) but play a bit and make my point to him. I went to the domain and entered the following in the purchase request form:

USD $ offered : 0
Details to your offer:

“Hello. I really like the name of the domain, it’s perfect for the kind of work I do.

I can accept $15,000 from you in order to grant and transfer ownership and control of this domain (vrshader.com) to me. You can transfer me the money whatever way is most convenient to you. That money will help me take a few weeks off (non paid vacations) so that I can work on uploading quality educational content for people to enjoy for free (since education must be free). It will also help me pay the servers/hosting.

I have a full series of tutorials of shading, procedural content, gpu and maths in mind that I believe people (students, hobbyists and preofessionals alike) would enjoy. With your support I can make it happen.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


It didn’t take but a few hours to get his response:

“Hi Inigo,

Thank you for your interest in VRshader.com. Sorry for any confusion. I am only looking to sell this domain to a buyer, I don’t have any intention to build up the site. I only want to sell the VRshader.com domain. It seems like you would be able to put it to good use. If you would like to purchase the domain, please let me know.

[omitted name]”

and mine followed soon after:

“Hi [omitted name],

I’m confused too. If you are not interested in building the site and bringing some content to the internet… why did you purchase the domain? Just to make creators that might need it pay you for… having not added any value, for having done nothing? (I won’t purchase the domain, of course).


It is fuckers like this guy that make the world a worse place. Of course this instance of motherfuckerism has no impact in the big picture, and it doesn’t affect my life. But think what happens when people whose brain operate like this asshole’s are in positions of power. Such a politician or a banker or a CEO can crew people’s life by the hundreds or millions.


I wish the warning message in tobacco packaging changed from “Smoking causes mouth and throat cancer” to “Smoking causes the guy behind you that you are annoying with your disgusting fart smelling smoke go punch you in the fucking face”

Cause it’s not about health, it’s about cohabitation

thanks, number five

i’ve spent five years living in the unit number five of this apartment block. for me, living in San Francisco, means living in this one bedroom apartment.

it is a little bit more than a century old today. and it totally feels like it – it comes with no dish washer and no laundry machine. a bit third world-ish, just like the city itself. but it has some charm. and i love it. amazing things have happened to me while living in it, some even in it, and the memories i’ll have of this place are all warm and make me smile. i think that much of who i am today has been shaped while i inhabited this apartment number five, first floor (“second floor”, in america”) that i called “home”. it almost feels like its walls are an extension of me.

it is going to be weird to leave this place. today, i am closing the door behind me and giving the keys to the landlord. i am excited and happy, i am opening a new chapter of my life that it’s the most exciting thing it’s ever happened to me. but before that i let the nostalgia overflow my consciousness for a few seconds. it’s a sweet and wonderful nostalgia, because it was all beautiful. it is a celebration of an amazing five years in and in the company of this apartment. i lock the door and say thanks!

first time alone

i remember being in a hotel in a small town in Finland, 12 years ago (back when i was working in VR and traveled a lot to universities and oil&gas or engineering companies). it was a winter and the city was covered by deep snow. after work there was nothing i could do but stay in my hotel. these were the times right before twitter, facebook and youtube, so there was nothing i could do in the isolation of my bedroom other than watch porn, which you can only do for that long anyways. so instead i went downstairs to the hall and ordered a drink. i remember it was a good hotel for the size of the town, even a bit in the fancy side of the spectrum. the lighting was golden yellow, the tables made of transparent glass. it was pretty empty, and this was the first time in my life i was in a bar getting a drink by my own. i celebrated this milestone with a second drink and smile and thought that perhaps one day in the future i’d remember that moment.

i miss commuting by train

i miss commuting by train and coming back late at night to the city, preferably in a rainy night when the car is packed and the dripping of the umbrellas make the floor wet. i miss staring at a stranger and studying their features and random subtle facial movements for many minutes, but only secretly though a reflection in the window of the car. i even miss being caught and doing that slightly awkward eye contact though the reflection. should i break the contact? should i smile? these things do not happen when you commute all by your own in bicycle.

i miss commuting in the train.

it’s about your puppy, not you

walking in sf downtown at night i hear the following conversation between a fellow random pedestrian and a puppy owning pedestrian:

– awwww, it’s so cute!
– thanks!

which is very weird to me. i always feel that “thanks” is the wrong reply here. “thanks” for what? for acknowledging that the puppy is cute? the owner though it wasn’t cute but the comment made her day perhaps? or is the comment a way of congratulating the owner for having a good taste on choosing dog puppies? i’ve never understood. to me the conversation should have gone with a reply in the line of “i know, right? she’s very mischievous too!” or “mehhh, she’s okey, but she’s very smart and loving!”. because the comment (compliment) was to the dog, not to the owner, right? right? it confuses me a lot.

new farming

you know, young farmers with hipster beards and mustaches taking care of the crops with the power of ipads.

this is how city hipsters fantasize their wholefoods and farmer’s market (mass produced organic labelled) edibles are produced.

do you want to kill creativity?

Promote open working spaces without offices, internal chat communication tools and sprint based agile processes. Congratulations, you are fostering a whole generation of super productive teams able to work in absolutely nothing original.

I’ll now skip the introductory paragraph where I explain how these practices have become popular in the last decade because, well, you know them already. So, straight to the point:

– Agile Development. If you are not in the development phase but in the pre-production phase when you are requited to find a creative solution and designs or expecting to come up with totally new ideas, then the last thing you want to create is agile development. What you want instead is slow and unstructured exploration.

– Open Spaces. A really bad idea. People are the most creative when they are in an isolated space, distractions and noise free. An office with maybe a couch for one or two people at most is the best space. Also, the shower at home is a great source of good ideas, but it’s more difficult to accommodate for shared creative shower time in offices.

– Chat Communication Tools. Noise. Noise. Noise. They are a really bad idea. As if youtube, the conversation happening the desk next to you or the visitors were not enough of a distraction. Now you have one more thing you need to actively monitor periodically, taking you out of any creative process you were sinking into. These internal team chats are the worse thing ever.

Note I have no formal education on team management. I’m speaking only form the perspective of somebody who’s very job and responsibility is to be creative.

life in black and white

if you have had an even minimally promiscuous sex history – first, congratulations. second, you surely noticed that there are some people out there that apparently never learnt sex. sexual illiteracy is relatively common.

sex, just like most things in live, is something you learn, you improve upon practice, you enjoy, you practice with care, and you live through. it’s like like riding your bicycle, dancing or reading. and just like those, life without it, i am sorry to say, it’s not a colorful one but a life in black and white. sure, you do enjoy it. but you are just missing a lot.


From the creators of

– Was the breakfast filling and delicious?
– It was so healthy!

comes the

– Was he hot and handsome?
– He was so adorable and smart!

Cool, that’s what we eventually want, but it’s not what we were asking about this time. But thanks for replying anyway

no, but relly

You really want to know how much I really don’t like movies?

For the longest time I thought Stanley Kubrick was the inventor of the famous cube.

Now I know I’m wrong. But that’s all I know about him.