internet fact

Internet Fact: every month somebody wants you to see the video of the octopus and the coconut.

she’s not a dream

every night for 50 years he held her hand every night before falling asleep. once i asked him, “why do you do it”, and he replied “to make sure she’s not a dream”

mathematical Eve

I sketched some rough mathematical image of Eve, a landscape and some lighting this weekend, inspired by the first shot we see her in Wall-E.

She’s made with some ellipsoids and spheres smoothly intersecting each other, described with distance functions. Coloring and lighting is done with some dot products as usual. Shadows are captured by raymarching the distance functions, fade is done with ellipses, reflections are faked with a gradient, the terrain is two sine waves and a texture, fog is an exponential color gradient. All things together, make you think you are seeing Eve in a shot of the movie.

It’s incomplete and not necessarily super efficient, but it’s certainly real-time and runs on your web browser. I won’t complain about the lack of time to do something better, but be gratefull because it had been months with no time at all to doodled mathematical images, I finally got some time. And it felt really good!

Image, realtime animation, code and maths, here:


I was in a huge mansion in Beverly Hills the other day. Like those you see in the movies. Pretentious, glamorous, ostentatious, luxurious. Made to awe, made to be desired? I wonder. Maybe.

But I was totally unimpressed.

Many people are successful. Some of them have extraordinary lives but mundane lifestyles. I know some. Others, however, decide to print their success in form of cars, clothes and mansions like this one. And even more surprisingly, this captivates many ordinary people’s imagination and fantasies.

I didn’t feel whatever chills and tickles these people feel. I must have missed the Sesame Street episode were they explained this.

need to take away

yesterday i got stolen my bike again. third time in 3 years. basically, each time i’ve locked my bike for longer than three hours in the street, it’s been stolen.

which is a pretty high ratio but not infrequent here. this might surprise you. because indeed nowhere in the first world i know of bikes are stolen at this rate. because nowhere in the first world there’s this social inequality. because if it had, then it wouldn’t be the first world.

basically, the problem is inequality, and the solution is not stronger locks or security or punishment. to many people in this city the few dollars they can get with my bike are totally worth the crime and the risk. which is really sad. i don’t blame then. i blame those who think inequality is not a problem but a natural consequence of the system.

elevator peach

“elevator peach” is the fruit you should be able to eat in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes.


there was a tiny (4.2) earthquake tonight. house shacked for 5 seconds, the chairs in the rooftop made some awful noise, and because of that i woke up.

i’ve never been afraid of earthquakes, and this one didn’t change my stand. or at least, its magnitude didn’t. however it made me remember that they say one should not sleep naked here (for the case you have to leave in a rush on the event of an earthquake), fact that i had ignored so far.

but i definitely don’t want to give up on doing so.

i shall one day move to NY, London or Paris.

all colors but white

most people seem to think the current pope is great. i, on the contrary, think he’s an idiot. or, more probably, a bloody bastard.

or as a third option, maybe he has a more elevated and long term plan for change that spams beyond our life-time.

but in any case, to the kind and honest, right now he looks like a moron.

cowboy fantasies

in other countries where culturally the size of your car doesn’t not reflect the size of your penis/income, small cars are valued over big cars. because they are easier to park, because they consume less, and well, because who the fuck cares about a freaking car.

do not try to explain this to some the true cowboys

surprises of life

i just learn wool dryer balls exist. their existence in the universe was unknown to me. i just learn too that they have 6 thousand reviews in . six thousand reviews! what are these things, and what’s wrong with you, people?

no thanks

Thinks of installing Linux on an old PC. Goes online, discovers there’s Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu Kylin. Discards idea.

could have been (even) worse

given the differences in weight units, distance units, temperature units, musical notation, bed sizes, paper sheet formats, socket shapes, tv scanline frequencies, decimal point sign, and all the other incompatibilities people from the US have decided to embrace. i’m still surprised they are fine with using seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years to measure time.

if i had seven lives

on second thought, if i had seven lives i think i’d devote one to be a pianist, one to be a dancer, one to be an astronomer, one to be a physicist, one to be a writer, and two to do what i currently do.


Percentage of Spaniards that are fluent in English:

reading: 15%
writing: 11%
talking: 7%

Not that today’s internet source of information hast to be necessarily a trustful one, but the numbers are not in strong disagreement from what I sense is Spain as a whole (note Spain is big and varied in social, cultural and political aspects)

they have no idea

i’ve read somewhere that men can think up to 30 times a day about sex.
i think that’s really misleading.
it’s more like 300.
i’ve counted.


the flowers in my balcony bloom and die at least 20 times a year. in this city flowers can never tell if it’s summer or winter, they are always confused. just like tourists.