A quick one while trying some random mathie thing.

I usually pursue simplicity and elegance in my maths. I don’t mean in the images per-se, but in the underlying mathematical principles and hence in their execution. However this time, just because I guess I had one-of-those-days (TM), I got something pretty dirty and ugly math-wise. Still, I decided not to get obsessed with that and create a mathematical image regardless. This was the result, some hexagons

it’s been raining lately. it was about time, and i’m not the only one saying it. most people agree we needed it. however, i’m not happy because we finally got something we needed, but because i simply love the rain just for what it is. i find it inspiring.

anyway, today we had one of those rainy mornings, those that i usually leave the bike home and take the cable car and walk the city instead, with my huge umbrella. however, today i had to take the bike with me in order to make it to some late evening duty. i had no choice really. yet, i definitely needed to take the umbrella with me as well. so naturally, i opened the umbrella and walked the streets of the city holding my bike in one hand and the umbrella in the other. as every time i walk the city, i got amused by all the details of the street corners and stores and people and everything around me that i don’t get to pay attention to when i bike, for i simply go too fast as to see anything but the traffic.

once i left the hill area, and since this was the very late morning yet again (i think technically it wasn’t the “morning” anymore, but i still think that morning and evening are a state of mind more than a time), i decided to try an experiment. i jumped on my bike, kept the umbrella opened, and i started pedaling. the experiment proved successful, and in fact i found it very relaxing. that’s how i did the rest of my commute, till the very door of the office. some people there smiled at me when they saw me arrive in such unusual manner, and sure you never know if a smile reflects empathy or expresses disdain, but when have i cared.

I’m more than starving, I’m at the next level of hunger. I could eat a whole zebra right now. Beware, I’ll bite anything, and that might include human meat. If red and blody, better. I . NEED . DINNER

In the last months I’d been suspecting that there were some hidden gems around the corner that nobody had ever uncovered. I didn’t think about them systematically, but as it often happens, I just had an intuition about their presence. So, I decided I’d doodle for half an hour on the surroundings of that corner in the hope that the gems would reveal themselves in one form on another.

However, either my intuitions were wrong or the gems are a bit shy and hidden deeper that I thought. I’ll give it a second chance another time, but this first attempt failed to bring them to the light.

But, as it often happens too with failure, there was some good outcome to the exercise anyway. I got this image in the process of doodling, which I like quite a bit. I hope you do too!

mi casa tiene dos plantas.

un geranio y una hortensia.

women in the city who ride their bike in high heels

i’d be all yours if you asked me out

I love humans, but sometimes they disappoint me. If there was one sin humans carried with them, that’d be the sin of being judgemental with one another.

And while usually I make a conscious effort to not let it affect me… today I really couldn’t hold it, and I had to react to this ugly aspect of human psychology and behavior.

Today there was a post in this quite popular blog I sometimes visit which was a picture of a gorgeous woman in a cute and sexy dress, posing. However, the picture had a caption on top saying “look at me, look at my ass and boobies; but tell me something obscene and I’ll report you”. For clarification, the text was meant to be funny and ironic (?) and state how unfair it is, apparently, that a woman dresses sexy yet demands respect. Of course, in the thread below the picture these weren’t the terms used to express agreement with the retarded picture. People wrote things like “Agree, if she dresses ‘like that’ what does she expect?”. The most embarrassing part of all is that there were hundreds of such comments.

If you know me a little, you already know that at this point I was burning in anger.

I still don’t understand why dressing sexy or provocative is a reason to be denied respect. Where the fuck are these people reading such thing? In the book “Behavior guidelines for retards”?

As far as I know, even in the kinkiest of your dreams, you are always respectful and do ask for permission before touching anybody. Since when does pornography make person not a person? What do you know about that person, maybe she’s a nuclear physicist working hard to save the future of the planet, and she poses in her spare time. Or maybe she’s just a street stripper, anything wrong with that? As far as I am concerned, and according to what my morality guides me to think, people are always people. With no fucking conditions. Humans are humans, with their feelings, mistakes, beauty, baggage, dreams, joy, mysteries and love.

So please tell me, WHEN THE FUCK IS PEOPLE DOWNGRADED TO NOT-PEOPLE and so denied respect? Because I don’t think nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights nor your religion of choice has a “terms and conditions might apply” with regards to considering all humans worth equal respect. I haven’t been notified of exceptions and limitations. There are NO such clauses. (and I’m bringing these two instances of external moral guidelines only because apparently many people can’t decide by themselves and need somebody else to write somewhere for them what’s good and bad)

In fact, if there was a reason to downgrade people to less-than-people, I’d be looking to those who promote war, those who do unfair trade, those who steal for their own benefit, those who build religions, those who repress people, those who abuse of children, those who kill. But, a woman… in… lingerie? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, HUMANS!

Clearly, some people don’t understand this language I’m talking here, nor the profound (yet simple) idea of respect that I find so natural. Maybe it’s too abstract for them, or their soul have been polluted with an external and these days rotten morality? In any case, for them, I’ll use a more plain language: if you teenager-minded man see a sexy picture that turns you on, great!!!, grab your dick and play with it in your intimacy, and leave your primitive comments in this blog for your retarded own. And you girl, if you see a woman in a sexy or porn picture and think she doesn’t qualify to be “a lady”, then go back to the 19th century and leave your jealousy or prehistoric values to yourself. We the rest, have moved on and plan to keep moving forward. Thanks very much!

Out of my anger, I did answer with those very words in the thread for that picture in the blog. Two minutes after I posted my message the administrators of the site responded and deleted the picture and the whole thread with it, including my and the other hundreds of messages.

So that image never happened. Also, clearly my message didn’t pervade.

Humans keep disappointing me

The worst part of rainy days? Getting wet!

And, the best part of rainy days? Getting wet!

I love the days that have two mornings. When you wake up twice, and have breakfast twice. So sweet!

My lava lamp in the office has died.

I look at it with sadness and frustration. It is frustrated itself too, but all it can say to me is “I’m so… sorry, this has never happened to me before”. The poor thing. I unplug it from the wall with love and bring it to my desk. Then I lie. “No worries, it can happen to any lava lamp, it’s normal”.

I am going to seriously think about the consequences of my tendency to procrastination. Probably next Monday.

I had no time to do any exploration of looks or algorithms or maths this time, so I made a bald terrain with a layer of white, which is a no brainer. However, I decided to put myself out of my comfort zone regarding the color palette, and push the colors a bit beyond where I would normally stop drifting from more photo-real colors, sort of to take a measurement of what people’s taste is in terms of color. I’m always too scared of color grading too much my images for the fear of falling into a “instagram” kind of cheesy look. However I think I have learnt that I can push colors to extremes much further than I thought I could, and still get good responses.In fact, it seems people react really well to these colors.

For the more technically curious, the terrain is a distance field as usual, nothing especial worth mentioning. There’s one shadow-casting light and 2 extra point lights without shadows. No indirect lighting effects whatsoever, although there’s some fake occlusion is used as usual. Also, for the first time, I changed the diffuse response from my usual Lambert to Oren-Nayar. Nothing else, it’s all pretty straightforward and available in the code linked below!

The raltime version, with code/maths open for you to explore, here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/MdBGzG

I think there’s something that poetry and humor/comedy share that makes them both exciting and appealing to our brains: the fact that we have to complete the missing connections. Poetry forces you to extract meaning and connect different ideas otherwise unrelated by means of analogy and allegory. So does comedy and jokes with their final twist.

When those connections are formed there’s some sparkly joy happening in the brain. In poetry it lasts longer and you have the time to feel its flavor. In comedy it happens more suddenly and at the end in form of mental tickles that provokes laughter

Just an impression

to the question “What day is it?”, the answer “It’s today” seems to work pretty much always within a very small margin of error

seriously. i don’t know what day it is

This one was completely improvised again. One of the emails I got today was about one article in my site that I wrote 12 years ago. I still remember all the details of it of course, but since the technology I used back then is sort of obsolete these days, I had to quickly remake the experiment in order to be able to point him to some reference code. It didn’t take more than 25 minutes, but it was sort of a sweet exercise to bring that random experiment back to life.

After 25 more minutes of improvisation on top of that I got this pure 2D effect that in fact looks like 3D. I had fun with the colors and patterns and “lighting” (of which there isn’t technically any really).

This thing moves realtime of course, so if you want to see it, or explore the code that produces it, click here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/lsSGRc

ahhhh, what a beautiful morning. lovely lovely lovely, why? because it’s raining. and the air smells different when it does. in a very good way, and in a very familiar way. i missed it so much. that’s why i have wide opened the windows of my apartment this morning, to let the rain come in.

It seems to me like for some liberals not all people are born equal after all.

You might expect that while the conservatives are still stuck in the concern for color, liberals would have opened their minds and hearts to a more globally aware attitude by now. However, it sometimes seems to me that for some liberals the matter is not whether the people are of color or not anymore, but from _where_ in the world the people of color are. Like if liberal ideals only applied in their own national backyard, and all affairs beyond the fence of their country simply were not of their concern. Especially if the country is a country of brown people, indeed.

Very well done, short sighted liberals.

Here goes another mathematical image or formulanimation around sea life. And again, just as like with the fish, I had to compromise detail for compatibility. But there it is, a simple mathematical dolphin with a simple mathematical animation galloping an equally mathematical sea.

The interesting bit of this image is the way the water splashes are made. Given that the whole image is a volume and hence an implicit shape, and that the animation is stateless and also an implicit function of time, there’s no way I can use physics simulation for the water animation nor a cheap way to use sprites or particles for the water splashes. Instead, the water surface function evaluates the dolphins volumetric definition and computes the closest distance to it. Then, the water isosurface pushes itself upwards by that distance such that the water connects more or less naturally with the dolphin. This distortion is driven by the same trigonometric/harmonic rhythm that drives the jumping cycle of the dolphin, so that it only happens in the ascending segment for the back part of the tail and for the descending segment in the front.

The swimming animation is a regular cosine function, and so is the jumping as well just with a frequency one fifth of the swimming frequency (but bigger amplitude of course). The final animation is an interpolation between the two, such that both swimming and jumping occur.

The raltime version, with code/maths open for you to explore, here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4sS3zG

Speaking of xmas balls and maths, when performing the intersection of a ray (or origin ro and normalized direction rd) with a sphere (or radius sr and position sc) I see people doing this all the time:

float iSphere( in vec3 sc, in float sr, in vec3 ro, in vec3 rd )
    vec3 oc = ro - sc;
    float b = 2.0 * dot(rd, oc);
    float c = dot(oc, oc) - sr*sr;
    float t = b*b - 4.0*a*c;
    if( t > 0.0)
        t = (-b - sqrt(t)) / 2.0;
    return t;

Meaning they systematically forget to simplify the expression and destroy all the 2.0 and 4.0 coefficients, which cancel each other. Please, use this:

float iSphere( in vec3 sc, in float sr, in vec3 ro, in vec3 rd )
    vec3 oc = ro - sc;
    float b = dot(rd, oc);
    float c = dot(oc, oc) - sr*sr;
    float t = b*b - c;
    if( t > 0.0) 
        t = -b - sqrt(t);
    return t;

Not that the performance will change a lot, but do it for the karma?

I have had the xmas tree in my living room, with its shinny balls and lights on and everything, for a year now. I have switched it on almost every day of 2013.

However, when everybody else unpacks and installs their xmas tree this week, I packed mine and gave it back to its real owner, from who I borrowed it all this time. I’ll celebrate xmas of course, I love it, but I enjoyed a lot celebrating January, February, March, and all the other months till December as well.