if your sentence starts with “in the morning”, i already don’t like it

- para español, diga “español”
– 1
– for schedule information, say “schedule information”. for ticketing information, say “ticketing information”. for other information, say “other information”. to go back to the previous menu, say “back”
– “other information”
– sorry, i did get that. for schedule information, say “schedule information”. for ticketing information, say “ticketing information”. for other information, say “other information”. to go back to the previous menu, say “back”
– “other”, “information”
– sorry, i did get that. for schedule information, say “schedule information”. for ticketing information, say “ticketing information”. for other information, say “other information”. to go back to the previous menu, say “back”
– “Other”, “Information”
– sorry, i did get that. for schedule information, say “schedule information”. for ticketing information, say “ticketing information”. for other information, say “other information”. to go back to the previous menu, say “back”
– sorry i did get that. for shcedule information…

speaking of science. i found this in the book store. it seems this guy called “Charles Darwin” claims something about the natural selection of the species that involves an evolutionary explanation to the forms of life we see around us. it’s very HOT news, and people all over america are arguing about it and having controversial disputes! probably because the proposed ideas are too modern and revolutionary!


if the ratio between the size of the biggest thing in the universe (observable) and the size of the smallest thing in the universe (measurable) is 10^63… then why exactly are people obsessed with zooming into fractals to limits such as 10^1000? is it a “look, my dick is bigger” kind of thing?

speaking of values again (sorry), in economy and business this time, i believe the idea of measuring success through growth is not necessarily the best metric and philosophy. the simple observation that resources cannot grow forever should be a good hint. i feel.

(reading again how proud companies are to announce their quarter’s growth figures, and shacking my head as a result)

osmosis, as a method for studying, totally works. or did work for me, at least in this form:

look at the pictures in your books. think about then while in the shower, or the metro. but don’t read the text just yet, or if you do, do a very light diagonal read only. don’t study just yet, keep, at best think about the pictures during shampooing, your commute or in the supermarket. let the knowledge slowly filter into you and crystallize into intuitions.

then, before the exams, go study as needed, if needed.

it’s not 100% effective, but it always worked for me to some degree. if you are student, i recommend it. really.

i have this phone which is 2 generations old. it works great though, it does its thing smoothly and effectively.

however, i have just be given a new phone for free which is the latest of the latest. specs lovers who brag on numbers such as megapixels, gigahertz, cores and optics would masturbate to it for sure. it is the newer and fancier. supposedly.

because in my humble opinion, everything looks the same as in my old phone, i can’t tell if there’s any relevant difference. same software, same experience, same photos, same everything.

to be honest, i feel the mobile phone, as a product, has reached it maturity and there’s no need for further improvement. it seems to me that from now on new galaxy and iphone versions will simply be released by pure marketing inertia, or perhaps as planned by pre-programmed obsoletion. but to me, mobile communications and entertainment is a solved problem ladies and gentlemen, just like the word processor or the dinning table. unless there’s something new presentation paradigm arriving to our smart phones (such as virtual reality), the phone as we know it to day is a solved problem. thanks, lets move on.

of course i’m simplifying here for the sake of brainstorming. but i do feel this way. in fact, because of it and some other personal reasons, i have decided to put this new supposedly fancy phone away in a forgotten drawer and keep using my old phone.

saw this at the store today. offensive thoughts to the left, playful ideas to the right,

if you have walked in sanfran today… in the morning, under this beautiful sun, under this gorgeous sky, you have fallen in love with the city for sure.

perfection is a word for excellence, precision and correctness. there needs to be another meaning for perfection, one with connotations of blessing, and that expresses joyfulness. and then i’d use it to describe this morning walk in downtown in which, indeed, i’ve fallen in love with the city again.

live can’t get much better than this.

how amusing it is that when data aligns with our believes (and learnt truths) it is called “being informed”, but when it doesn’t it becomes “propaganda”

on delusions and learnt truths

i’ve been using this word for a while.

like “huggable”. but when i recently heard the word “huggable” in a movie i got so sad and disappointed, because it felt like i had been stolen my word.

of course, english is not my language, and i should realize that chances are little i invent and keep ownership my own words like i do in spanish.

when i heard “huggable” in that movie, i immediately feared that my beloved “prettiful” wouldn’t be mine either, as i believed it was. and indeed, google revealed that many people are using it already out there.

still. i’ll keep using them, i think “prettiful” and “huggable” are prettiful words.

mixt greens? mixt meats, please. asap

when it comes to bed sizes, i was aware of the usual “twin”, “full”, “queen” and “king” names. but today i learnt there’s something called “california king”.

of course, knowing californians, all i could think of at first was a massive swimming pool sized bed with the photograph of arnold schwarzenegger printed in it on which you have to roll for 5 minutes before you find your partner in it. “that’s what California King must be”, i though.

however it seems it’s not that crazy at all – in fact it’s just a king size with a slightly different aspect ratio. i’m glad. but also slightly disappointed.

Another very quick doodle during dinner based on a previous mathimage. This time the emphasis was into getting cheap antialiasing working, and little more. It was a fun one! Realtime animated version, and open source code, here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/llXGR4

today i met an american who’s name was longer than two syllables

it should not be happy ending. i much rather have a happy beginning. cause there’s nothing like being absolutely relaxed to enjoy a good massage.

or better, what about “happy intermission”. build the tension, release, then the relax! that’s what it should be.

i read an article today with its title beginning with “Psychologists Find…”, which i read cause i found the announced findings really interesting, for their deep social impact. then half way the read, the article which seemed otherwise to be describing a legit study, revealed that the researchers have used a set of 110 people in their study.

now, i’m not a psychologist myself, but i am pretty sure that a population of only 110 samples, with no control group and certainly not sociocultural diversity is not considered a good enough group to extract conclusions AND publish them online for all us to read.

just cause i can find 110 people who own a car who can’t drink milk, it doesn’t mean i can publish an article “New Research Finds Owning A Car Increases Lactose Intolerance”. that’s not how science works.

who the hell is conducting these experiments and who’s allowing them to be published? and how did this end in my feeds?

Somebody in the very depths of the most apocalyptic part of the city’s decadent neighborhood, in a dark street hidden between shadows I find a house door protected unlike other doors. Rather than the usually security bars (yep, I know, doors with security bars…), this door has a design that my brain’s pattern recognition circuitry matches to some memory of mine from the past. It’s a familiar shape, a mathematical figure from my late teenage back from when coding fractals was my obsession. Once this parasympathetic alarm reaches my consciousness, I halt, turn around and look to the door. The doors motive is made after the bifurcation diagram of the Logistic Equation in the complex plane, which being a quadratic map, is holomorphic to the Mandelbrot Set (and it resembles it indeed). These are objects related to Fractal geometry and the Chaos Theory, trendy back in the 90s among computer aficionados. You might remember some of these words from Jurassic Park or from hippie american university teachers from those times.

I find it amusing that the designer of these door bars, and the owner of this house too, decided to honor this mathematical object. I also find amusing that I accidentally found it here, in the darkest corner of this (one must admit, very nerdy, city). 15 years later.

Inspired by the discovery, I run home and I code the fractal, which corresponds to the formula z -> h.z.(1-z), as if I was that 19 years old boy again. Only that this time I derive the formula for producing a smooth/continuous coloring in its exterior based on the Hubbard-Douaddy potential theory. Unlike when I was a late teenager, now I do have the maths knowledge to do so (although I am not as fluent as when I was at university).

The formula for the coloring is color = n – 1 + log2( log2|z| + log2|h| ), and this the realtime rendered set, together with the Logistic Map bifurcation diagram in real numbers superimposed (note how the bifurcation points alight with the periodic components of the fractal set): https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XdSXWt

as we all know, if there’s one kid/baby in the plane, (s)he becomes the dictator of the plane – by the power of crying (s)he decides when everybody else sleeps.

when there are two kids/babies in the plane… i have just learnt that they cancel each other (get tired of each other’s crying, indeed) and both fall asleep. and so can do the rest of us.

I just read this article where they try to explain what the privileges of being born in a wealthy (white) family are (I’m surprised this needs to be explained in the first place, but ok), and how it affects the american dream, which is, and I quote straight from the article, “everyone in the country has a chance to become wealthy and move into the upper class.”

I think this dream is pretty fucked up, and at the same time so internally accepted that these people don’t see the problem. To me, this ill-formed dream has already established that society will be divided in an lower and an upper class. As an axiom. I might be wrong, but as far as I understand the dream is not about having a wealthy and healthy country for all to enjoy, but to have equal opportunity to escapes the crappy lower class and saves themselves into the upper class. Basically, the dream is not to get rid of classes, but to be the one to be in the cool group (and “fuck the others”).

This article I just read aspires to open the eyes of those already in the privileged group by explaining to them how unfair it is that simply by being born in the right group the enjoy the luxury of encountering less obstacles to reach or stay in the social safety zone. And compassionate as the writer seems to think (s)he is regarding the lower class, the article totally misses the deeper unfairness, the real problem, the big elephant in the room.

I’ll copy&paste again, for your brain to shiver: The greatness of this country is that “everyone in the country has a chance to become wealthy and move into the upper class.”. Some are even proud of this. And that certainly makes this country unique. Not the way they think, though.

I sometimes feel these people got it wrong.