Logic is usually digital, and deals with binary values (true/false, one/zero). The basic operations that act on these values are AND, OR, XOR and NOT and produce new binary values. By chaining these operations one can build systems able to perform complex computations, as we know.

Sometimes, however, you don’t have binary values and operations available, but continuous values and arithmetic operations. Still, you can emulate the AND, OR, XOR and NOT binary operations by employing the following formulas:

NOT(a) = 1 – a
AND(a,b) = a·b
OR(a,b) = a + b – a·b
XOR(a,b) = a + b – 2·a·b

which behave as expected when a and b are 0.0 and 1.0. Now, these formulas still produce values in the interval 0.0 – 1.0 when fed with numbers in that same interval. Which allows you to think in binary logic terms when working the boundary of the interval. Yet the logic behaves smoothly everywhere inside the interval. This means you can extrapolate binary logic to continuous signals.

In fact, you have probably already played with this “continuous” logic without knowing it when blending image layers in any photo image retouching software. “Invert” is NOT, “Multiply” is AND, “Screen” is OR and “Overlay” is XOR.

i ripped my friend Sho Murase’s art style for this mathematical image

Real-time animated version and source code here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/lsSSzz

about 33% of the research studies concluded that approximatelly 1/3 of the statistical analysis are useless

a friend with benefits… is a friend that pays for your health insurance and matches your retirement plan contribution, right?

everybody knows that when peeing in the men’s toilet of a bar/club, whoever makes the most noise is the macho-est male with the biggest dick.

i think

After a flight, who can avoid looking for their name in the cards the pickup drivers hold at the arrivals area?

Yep. Just because you never know when magic will happen.

if you look carefully, you might find the irony in address of this restaurant :)

“I have an idea for an app” is a bit like “I have an idea for arranging my collection of startreck figurines” – you have no idea how LITTLE interest we have in hearing it. I thought you should know.

While we are at Disney song, this reminds me that I still hate the fact that in this country/culture where I live in now the word LOVE seems to be a forbidden one.

Check how this cute song ruins it all for me with the last bit “I’ll tell you when you’re older”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwZEcdBMLLU. Why should this kid be protected from the idea of love? It makes me very angry. Yet I like the song.

It’s Sunday afternoon, it’s a sunny, happy, beautiful day. I’m walking down the street with my friends in a cute street with one store and one ice cream shop. As we get closer to the ice cream store I notice a little girl is singing while waiting in line. “…the girl who has, everything!”. I recognize the song, so as we are closer now I start singing as well “Look at this trove, treasures untold”. One of my friends joins too “how many wonders can one cavern hold”. We keep walking and smile when we pass by the girl who can’t believe to grown up men with weird accents are singing the song she was singing. Coming towards us from the other side there’s two young women who are smiling and join the girl, my friend and I in the performance. “Looking around here you’d think, sure, she’s got everything!”. We are five people singing together now. The two ladies smile at us as the pass by. We keep walking as well, and the little girl stays behind us still in the ice cream line singing “I’ve gadgets and gizmos aplenty”. I can hear her parents laughing as we get further from the place where we just had the spontaneous musical performance.

The mathematical image I made yesterday is openly mathematical. Cylinders, spheres, cones and beziers.

The interesting part is in the lighting equations, which were modified from the more physically motivated equations used normally into something more cartoony. Hence, no postprocessing needed to get the look. Which is, imho, the right way to approach cartoon rendering.

Realtime version and code, here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4slSWf

american fireworks suck big, big time. even the biggest celebrations here have the cheapest fireworks i’ve ever seen.

sorry, i guess the previous post needs an explanation.

i don’t eat grass.

i eat food that eats grass.

you have probably heard of the lion king and the circle of life? yeah

i was just asked if i’d ever marry a vegan. that made me think that in fact i’d never want to get involved with somebody who is, in order or importance,

* religious
* not open minded
* right wing
* vegan
* serial killer

just because an idea resonates with your consciousness or heart, it doesn’t mean is correct or that it is good for you

I was about to go to bed, but… it happened to be one of those improvised code-improv session. I started playing quickly with helixes (three intertwined cylinders, basically), I just wanted to write down the basic formula. But before I knew it I was doodling. And boy do I love this silent nights of relax and doodling… Since I got in the mood so quickly I decided to just continue playing for an hour or so and see where it would bring me this time. And surprisingly, the maths turned out pretty cute! So glad I let myself do it.

Realtime animated version, with code/maths, online and free as usual: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XsjXR1

I slept through a 6.1 earthquare that got everybody awake last night. Sure I wasn’t at the epicenter, nor were most of the people that woke up in panic and reported the event terrified. I didn’t feel a thing.

I am being clearly selected by nature for extinction at the next upcoming bug natural disasters.

In the meanwhile, I am glad I have this sleeping superpowers. As if I didn’t know it already.

Oh my, I just was present at the most comically nerd silicon valley startup-iey awkward surreal conversation ever. I felt like I was in a freaking TV show. Four nerds talking about investors, blood cells, insects, aliens, medical technology, VCs, IPOs and rent. All in less than five minutes. I am not kidding. I promise. Of course I found an excuse and left immediately; I think that thing must be contagious.

I still can’t believe it.

Waiting at the airport I saw these magazines telling us what a beautiful woman is (or fashionable or sexy, according to the covers), and couldn’t help noticing that not all colors that I see everyday around me are equally portrayed, or even represented at all.

I’m not sure I like the fact that I even noticed this, it makes me feel part of the problem, at least in a symptomatic way. But in any case, I went online immediately and a simple search revealed that indeed this is a huge topic of discussion, and that it’s not a simple at all.

i don’t believe people who look at their watch for no more than one or two seconds, and they do know what time it is!

and then they even go “sure, i got time”.

. i . so . don’t . believe . you .