My name is Iņigo Quílez (oh, don't worry, you can use 'n', that's fine). I was born and grew up in San Sebastián (Donostia), a beautiful city in the Basque Country, somewhere in Europe (Spain). I love life, I admire the universe in a pretty natural sense, and I enjoy skiing, mathematics, writing, dance, computer graphics, nature, and other things I probably can't say. Also, I have a CV.

Fifteen years ago I started this site as some sort of boxroom where I could drop my fractals, demos and other creations. Soon I started adding explanations, tutorials and presentations too; even code and other random stuff like personal pictures and a blog. Then at some point I decided it was time to split the big mess into smaller messes and point to them from a common kind of index. Guess what, that index is exactly where you are right now.

productions this is where you have to go to look for finalized works like demos, videos and images. Most of them are motivated by the demoscene, meaning that they are programs you must download and run in your pc (like if it was a video game). You will also find video recordings of the pieces here when appropiate. All the material here is made by myself and my collaborators, and is done (mostly) by applying the math and computer graphics techniques explained in the strawberry section (see below).
articles so far this is the place where I host articles, tutorials, explanations, code, and presentations related to maths, images, fractals, demoscene and computer graphics. If you are a fractal freak, a computer science nerd, or a math geek, or simply a demoscener, searching for some info, this is probably the site you are looking for. However, as I love sharing my passion on building beauty from maths and code with everybody, you will find some lightweight divulgative presentations too here.
interactive hopefully this will be the interactive part of this website. as client-side web technologies become more powerfull over time, many of the algorithms and demos traditionally reserved to native applications or propietary plugin-based platforms can now trully happen on the web browsers. so, drop by here every few months and check if there are any new interactive computer graphics applications that you can experiment with.
live when i don't have time for writing an article, i do some live coding instead, and put it here in chocolate. seeing a live coding session might not be the best way to learn stuff. mainly cause in a few minutes of coding one cannot really do properly architectured work, but hacky graphics. yet, there can be lot of fun and art in hacking formulanimations or mathimages, so there we go, i hope there is something usefull in this section that you can learn from, or at least get inspired with.
failed as you can imagine, for every of the finalized demos/works in productions made during the years, and for every of the techniques explained in articles, there has been a lot of other frustated, unfinished and abandoned demos and experiments that had some sort of visual output, but never did it into the public space. well, pineapple is where i show some of these experiments and unsinished works. bear in mind that most of the works in pineapple are tech experiments only, so their aesthetic part is pretty unattended. this is probably the most disorganized and boxroom-like part of my site.
el trastero el trastero is not a blog on boring computer graphics news, but there are few computer made images. It's not a blog about my ideology, although I sketch (and intentionally only sketch) few deep thoughts. It's definitely not a blog where you should learn maths, but you will find some formulas and constructions. It's not a blog about the latest news, but you will find some important secrets about the world. It's a blog of mine, but you will for sure not get to know me by reading it.

Everything in this site, both content and structure are dynamic and change very often, so you are welcome to check it out from time to time. Also, if you want to tell me anything (about a bug, a question, a suggestion, whatever) just write to me at iq