we still don’t know how to write code

Since it seems I’m in lecture mode lately, here goes a not so serious (or maybe yes?) message to Google and their AI / Deep Learning team:

You are showing machines to paint, compose music, talk or synthesize piano from current paintings, music and recordings. Fine.

However, tempting as it is, I hope you realize you should not, I repeat, you should NOT, feed the Deep Learning machines with contemporary source code in hoping they’ll learn to code.

Because, you surely must know that as species we haven’t figured out coding yet. We’ve been painting for 20 thousand years. We’ve been talking for way longer. But coding, we’ve done it for 50 years, we are still at the infancy, we basically haven’t figured it out yet. So, by showing the machines code NOW you are almost certainly teaching them bad coding, really really bad coding. You realize, right? RIGHT?

speaking of education

speaking of education, don’t tempt your luck as a country by giving democracy to the people but not giving them good, free, public education at the same time.

not only you should believe this is the right and fair thing to do, but also, pragmatically speaking, if you don’t then you are putting the whole country at risk of making poor choices based on fear and personal interests.

basically, democracy doesn’t work without a well educated population.

good public education IS free

Where I come from, about half the adults have university degrees, and half of those have a degree on sciences, technology or mathematics. All powered by public high quality education. That probably explains why people there are innovative and why there we are doing way better than most parts of Europe.

So, as far as I am concerned, quality public education not only does not cost money, it’s actually free and makes money for the region. And it can be as solid as the best university in the world. This is a believe I hold strongly, for I’ve seen it working on myself. Or, also, ask any of your scandinavian friends.


“Formula 1”, triple English homonym, because why use different words if you can make things extra confusing.

the USA is big

according to many americans, the USA is bigger than Earth. in fact, the planet is made of 150% USA and 75% water

(to be fair, so are many other countries according to some of their citizens)

that’s what i do

i’m one of those few men who close the toilet lid every time after i pee. i know i’m in the minority, like with most other things i do


maturity is when you realize your opinions and positions are not necesarily the only right ones

14 emails

Today I got 14 emails in my inbox from myself. Must . Stop . Having . Ideas . At . Night


i guess one good thing of having a baby that can’t talk yet but does already fart is that you can always blame her when you do (fart)


people who use

#morningcoffee (heart shaped foam)
#dreambig (company door logo)
#soblessed (feet on the sand)
#neverstopexploring (machu picchu)
#justanotherdayatwork (celebrity visiting campus)
#viewfrommyoffice (palm-tree and laptop)
#beyourself (duckface)

all-boys/all girls, still today?

Today I discovered that all-girls and all-boys schools still exist. According to the internet, some of the reasons for this, and I quote, are:

“Mixed genders can be a distraction.”

“Teachers can employ instruction techniques geared toward specific genders.”

On the first one, how, how is a boy a distraction to a girl or vice-versa at age 5, 10 or 15. Are you sexualizing kids already at that premature age? How’s a girl or a boy a distraction if you treat students of both genders equally and their gender indifferently? People who use this argument are looking at the topic from a (somewhat pervert) adult’s perspective.

On the second one, what the fuck are you talking about. Are mathematics or language supposed to be taught differently to boys than girls? Are you going to teach girls maths for cooking and boys maths for rocket building, or what is the deal here?

Look, my sisters went to the same school as I did, became great professionals as I did, and I’m incredibly proud to say we received equal education, in equal conditions and with equal expectations. I had girls and boys who lead the class group teams and activities equally, which was a great lesson for the future.

Basically, I think all-girls and all-boys schools are a monstrous idea, the last thing we need. In fact, shouldn’t just be banned these days?

shaving machines, or spaceships

some shaving machines look like fucking Tron motorcycles.

with carefully designed curved lines, metallic shimmering reflections, buttons, controllers, flex heads, a multiprecision system of synergized blades, sportive colors, turbo power, intelligent technology, and a digital screen that tells you how much battery you have left in case you were in the jungle hunting jaguars with your own manly hands far from electrical outlets and were in need of a shave.

what the fuck is all of this. give me a fucking shaving machine. not a spaceship.

i think these machines are a symbol of masculinity for those in need of earning the label. grow up.

prepared for life

After many years I have finally made a backup of my computer. I have never felt more prepared for life in my life.

fuck it

i can’t believe that my favorite online english dictionary doesn’t have entries for “fuck” or “fucker”. i can’t fucking believe it, i am highly disappointed and i think offended too. i am immediately discontinuing use of this dictionary.

live, not work

i know the choice of wording is unfortunate, but when people talk about making their work-life balance work it seems to me the problem is already biased. what about “making the work-life balance live“?