checking all links

I get lots of emails all the time. I read them all. And I also click on all the links to resumes, blogs, youtube videos, project pages and demos people send me.

You might think that you can skip checking all these people’s work because if they are doing or will do truly good work, you will eventually hear about them anyways. And while that is true, I also know how bad it feels when you send an email to somebody you respect with work you are proud of and you don’t get any response at all.

cushioned disagreement

I really don’t like it when disagreement cushioned like this:

“I love your idea, I just want to be mindful of

“I totally agree. I would just add that

world is losing already

The gender bias is truly hitting me

– I email the doctor, and his response is that “my husband and I” blah blah blah
– Pregnancy Book that I feel offended by “He too can help in the house” (wtf!)
– Embroidery in newborn’s cloth: “mumy’s love”

I am already highly disappointed the world wants to put fathers out of the equation. Well, guess what, the world is losing this one too against me already.

we’ve fucked up

I’m surprised we talk about Fake News now as if this was a sudden thing. While it can be explained very easily as a mere continuation of what’s been happening in the last years. Since I joined social media I’ve been astonished to see how much bullshit gets spread in the form of super moons, the fear to vaccination, blessings to god, the vibrations in the universe, creationism, the memory of water, the frequencies of happiness, and another million fake facts since the day I joined social media. At first we couldn’t believe it, then we ridiculed it. And eventually, and this is the problem, we just ignored it because we thought those “idiots” who believed all that fake information were harmless to us. Well, guess what, now it’s a bit too late to worry, we’ve fucked up, we cannot rewind 30 years of bullshit and send everybody back to real schools.

kinda little bit skeptical

I am a science nerd, and I do understand how they can read most of the major features of an exoplanet though spectroscopy and light curves. However, I do not understand how they can guess the whole body shape of a dinosaur and its habitat and eating habits and what not from one single tooth and maybe a jaw fragment…

words and numbers

Flight numbers and license plate numbers contain letters. And passwords usually contain numbers. Has somebody though of generalizing the concepts already?

more people that need to die

people who go in the car with the volume to the max and the windows open
– have decided the whole neighborhood needs to listen to their music
– clearly don’t care about others
– and must die
– because it is people like them that fuck it all when have access to power


Dressing up straight from the drier in the morning, undressing directly to the laundry machine at night.


Driving in the city, right in front of us there was this Lyft + Uber driver who’s plate read “VFX Shot”. Perhaps a good summary of the visual effects industry…


I don’t care what C++ dialect you speak. Pure-classless all-std:: mega-auto shit? No problem! Now, curly braces placement… I’d turn jobs down because of that!

bad design

There’s the music player’s volume control. There’s the OS’s volume control, Also, the laptop’s volume control. And of course, the speaker’s volume control. Some of those are actually the same control, but others modulate/multiply each other. And so, in the end you have 4 places to tweak volume and make it bad (since most of these are digital multiplies, not analog). Great

you idiot

I don’t understand cyclist (and electric skateboarders) who cross the traffic light in red. BUT they wear a fucking helmet.


these days i’m keeping my beard shorter than i normally would because i am horrified with the possibility of been mistaken with a hipster

slow processing, really?

Wow, computers are really slow these days: “The request to Unsubscribe has been recorded. Please allow up to 10 business days for your request to be processed”

two types of coders

those who delete the three letters of “png” and then type “jpg”, and those who add a “j” and delete an “n”

cyclist in red lights

cyclist, when you are in a red light, it is just okey if you put your foot down, you don’t need to perform weird dances in an attempt to keep the balance on the bike at all cost for the whole duration of the red light. i thought you should know. you are welcome!

same designers?

I think teethers and rattles these days have a remarkable resemblance to those adorable adult toys in the cute spicy stores (the kind friends buy to each other as wink-wink-gifts).

pagerank is not enough

We need an internet garbage collector, for obsolete GL1.2 tutorials, JQuery stack overflow responses, etc. Pagerank is clearly not enough