sorry to disappoint you, guys!

and now, just to move away from so much complaining, and while i am at the topic of social networks, let me inform the world, as if anybody really cared, that i almost involuntarily joined twitter. i didn’t want to, but i had to, for some particular issue i wanted to address. now that the issue is resolved, i could just sign out my account and call it a day. but i’m not.

i’m not, despite i don’t understand the concept of twitter. lemme explain.

i have a blog where i can relax and through the product of my mental diarrhea without caring too much about being politically correct nor consistent or even sincere with myself. i also have a facebook account where i can post more private information and updates about my life and where i can carefully publish all the pictures that help me prove the world that i am a happy man. i also have the website where i pretend i am a generous guy who helps and gives ideas away for free. so what does twitter have to contribute with in this trendy obsession for digital talking (the web is all about talking today, not listening anymore)?

i have no idea. 140 characters are certainly not enough to develop any idea into any interesting article. i don’t think anybody gives a shit about anything i can describe in such a reduced space. i for sure don’t have any interest on describing in twitter what i see around me or i do at any moment, unless there is a story or a conclusion i can build around it. so i won’t twit anything. in the other hand, as a good child of the web 2.0, i am not interested at all about listening to others, therefore i have serious doubts i’ll follow anybody. so what’s the point about twitter for me, then?

well, i got more than 70 followers registered in just a few hours. that positively feeds my ego big time. besides, it makes me more curious than anything. like… how many people out there do actually give a shit about what i have to “tell”? not surprisingly, most of the followers i got are google engineers, video game programmers, visual effect artists or some other sort of geek/nerd, just like myself. so there we go, these are all clever people who probably expect tiny pieces of smart information from me or links to intelligent topics. well, i have such bad news for you guys 🙂 i cannot deliver that.

at this moment, for me it’s all about seeing how big that number of followers will grow. once i know how much attention my ego deserves, and i post about it here again, i’ll just shut the account down. lol.

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