a simplistic discourse leads to deadlock

i see that politicians in america speak a lot in terms of “the bad guys” and “we the good guys”. which is a mental model of reality that’s only useful to the less sophisticated minds, say, those of 12 year old kids, and to the blockbuster movies.

this is disappointing, because, one would expect unnecessary to point out that… of fucking course, at each side of any conflict, everybody are pretty damn sure that they are “the good guys”.

so what about we stop using this filmic interpretation of reality and we embrace a more adult one. because, how exactly are we otherwise going to deal with these conflict deadlocks, my dear 12-years-old-minded politician?

pi in base e

if i haven’t done any mistake when doing these quick operations during dinner, the number PI expressed in base E is 10.1010020… i’d love letting the computer carry on and see if there are any patterns. since after all, E is the most natural number of all.

three options

If you are a programmer and like been challenged by the performance of your code, there seems to be three possible avenues for you depending on what you look for in a job:

* likes having fun -> Augmented / Virtual Reality
* feels like a scientist -> Deep Learning
* wants to be rich -> High Frequency Trading

wasting cycles – pi in pi

I found PI in PI, 8 digits resolution, at digit position 310,605,854. I also found E in Pi, 9 digits, at position 246,890,641. Naturally, you can find your phone number at around position 10 billion (statistically speaking).

Wasting CPU cycles, and totally useless information.

my first hand drawing

this is the first time i draw with a brush and my hands. i’ve spent a few years now drawing with mathematical formulas an with C++ and GLSL code, but today for the first time i took a digital brush in my hands, a white canvas and started putting colors until i got these drawings. granted, this was a virtual space, so in a way i had to “sculpt” (shapes) and “draw” (lighting and colors). it was a fast drawing, about 30 minutes or so. made in Quill. so much fun!

not characters

Okey. If you use TAB as a character and not as a shortcut to four (or some other number of) spaces, you are evil.

Remember than TAB and \R\N are anachronisms inherited from when we had typewriters. Like almost everything below ASCII character 32, these are not “characters” but “commands”. Hence, while helpful to send commands from the keyboard to the text processor (such as, “delete the last character” or “insert n spaces here”), just like “F11” or “CAPS LOCK”, they should NEVER be stored as part of the document. But somehow they did. And I REALLY hate people who use them in documents 🙁

ultimate mindfuck

Manipulating a screenshot of Photoshop _in_ Photoshop is the most unproductive clicking exercise and the ultimate mindfuck


the humongous buildings in Manhattan are a monument to the human characteristic need to probe that “me dick is bigger than yours” (or in Wall Street jargon, “I have more money than you do”). and so, year after year, somebody erects the new biggest vertical skyscraper yet

unavoidable monstrous

living in a place with an announced and unavoidable earthquake around the corner makes you, also unavoidably, a bad person.

because no matter how much you love your people, as soon as you take off on an airplane for a few days of vacations, you wish “please be it now, please be it now”.

“old age”

how much longer are we going to keep calling it “New Age”? it’s been a few decades, and it’s dated, unfashionable, probably obsolete. can we call it “Old Age”?

think about this – like the “radiocassette” 20-years-old kids these day don’t even know what it is.

1/z in the plane

A friend was asking, why do 3D rendering rasterizers use inverse depth (1/z) as interpolant instead of depth (z)? Perfect opportunity to do some math pseudo-doodling and kill some time in the airplane (thanks, free WiFi!).

The answer is: “if you take two points on the surface a polgon and project them into the screen, you’ll see the the difference of the pixel is proportional to the difference in inverse of their depths”.

there’s clearly a pattern here

Article: “The 10 most difficult colleges to access”. Photo: cheerleaders with big boobs.

Article: “20 amazing science facts”. Photo: seductive open cleavage woman with glasses and a ruler.

Article: “10 tricks you won’t be able to live without”. Photo: big boobs girl posing with a plastic bottle and duct tape in her each hand.

Article: “15 things about the ocean you didn’t know”. Photo: big boobed girl in bikini. Not even in the ocean.

We all see the pattern here. So lets ask ourselves, why do facts always come in multiples of 5?

mathematical snail

This new procedural / mathematical image is probably my best so far. Right after making the last one, the mathematical Arlo, I realized that I made the big mistake to not put any story into the drawing, to not give the character an any intention. So I decided to make a new formulanimation and address this. I made a mathematical snail, leave, water drops and fuzzy background, and did the composition such that the snail is reaching for the fresh drops of after rain on the leave. Because snails like doing that, if you ever had a childhood in the countryside you’ll know this well.

I think it was successful. I also gave quite some love to the surfaces and lighting. In fact, I cheated the lighting the hell of out it, adding fake color bounces and silhouetting the shapes in very non-physical ways. It turned out pretty, I am happy.

Somebody mentioned the shell is spiraling in the wrong direction and in the wrong side of the body. But I’ll ignore it. It’s not a physically based painting anyways.

As usual, the whole formula and code is open and live for you to inspect: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ld3Gz2

i despair of you

on the other hand, sadly enough, it seems email threads can contain only one active though at any given a time. if more, recipients will prune the rest on their response them by addressing the first one only 🙁

i stress for you

there are two types of people, those who like having dozens of tabs opened in their browser at the same time, and those who stress out right after the fourth one.

i am of the second, only that i also stress out why i’m simply looking at the browser of somebody of the first type.