video projectors. in 2015. they are still not reliable.

i give quite a lot of talks and presentations each year, which means i visit conference centers, classrooms and company demo rooms very often. i always insist they double check with the local technicians before i arrive on site, and then i ask to arrive one hour in advance. i don’t like stressful situations, but i am used to them now. cause the truth is that one in three times there’s something wrong with the video connectors, screen resolutions, refresh frequencies or colors of the projectors. i know, you’d think that by 2015 the technology of video signals would be a mature and stable one. but it’s not. there’s always (i mean, 33% of the times) something just not working. so please, get . this . thing . right . for . once. thanks .

on a related topic, i think the engineers that design video connectors and projectors must be the same that create network printers and drivers…

just like everybody else, i receive lots of crap in my mailbox. much of it is actually not generic advertising but sent really specifically to me, to my name and address (which really annoys me, you might remember). clearly those hungry wolves want something from me.

i documented this fact by collecting all this attempts of these people to get my stuff. from the 102 letters than i got, 34% where from Capital One, 25% from Chase, 25% from other banks and 16% from Comcast.

has anybody though of putting a quota to how much paper can companies waste per year?

- “good morning”
– “good morning!”

is that a wish? or a piece of information?

transformers. in my mind this is some sort of drag queen performance show in San Francisco, not a movie about robots.

these people really love fat. not only fat meals, fat cars, but also fat people. the standard of beauty for men and women is heavily shifted towards the fat side of the spectrum.

one day i was an adult.

i didn’t decide it, it was enforced on me by somebody else. not my choice. i was never consulted on this

After giving two talks on realtime graphics and mathematical content, I’m finally free to code and contribute to the three days hackacthon that I have organized myself. The theme is “Space” and despite I won’t allow myself to enter the competition, I still want to take the challenge and do some life coding. In fact, since we just added the streaming feature to Shadertoy a couple of days ago, this is going to be the first time I live code for a life online audience, which is a fun feeling. Only 55 people followed me during the 30 minutes it took me to improvise the following image, which I titled “curvature”.

The planet is a raytraced sphere, the atmosphere glow is done by computing the closest distance between a line segment and a sphere. The curved space plane is a raymarched plane. The rest, random polynomials and color ramps. To see the code and maths, or the image moving realtime, go to

simple little idea. adjust the time pedestrians wait to red traffic lights depending on the weather. good weather, let cars and pedestrians share the crosswalk at 50% time. when the weather is cold, re-balance it towards shorter wait time for pedestrians.

not a million dollar idea, but it will make our lives one mili-little bit better.

Some people know how to give a speech but then do nothing useful but talk. Others speak well and do great stuff as well! Others speak badly, but do get great things done. And finally, others speak poorly and bring nothing, or even break things.

It seems speaking well and making are not correlated.

speaking of words, i think i hit another linguistic bump:

when i say i don’t like something, i am not saying i dislike it. all i am saying is that i don’t like it.

the word mortgage starts with “mort”. pretty sinister, indeed!

if you speak a latin langauge

one of my favourite roller coasters in this city is Franklin St

as any good chameleon, Pascal is very good at camouflage. but today i saw him, hiding on a wall!

“I am going to 3D print my own quadcop drone, install a few pairs of Go-Pros and use an onboard Arduino to live stream 360 stereo views of downtown SF to my Oculus Rift ready WebGL visualizer.”, says the techno-hipster maker with zero creativity who confuses “putting things together” with “inventing something”, and the words “cool” with “relevant”.

if you come to me with a question, i won’t give you an answer.

if you ask for my advice, i won’t give you a recommendation.

at best i’ll give you a pointer, a suggestion. perhaps a direction, a map. you’ll then start walking, creating your own route, getting lost and finding your way again. you’ll see other people’s footsteps often, some old and some fresh, and sometimes you’ll walk open territories no one has visited before. you’ll meet Eureka and dance together and laugh in joy, you’ll cry with Despair, which is not a bad thing.

if you want a lesson, i won’t give you instruction.

if you want guidance, but i won’t show you.

i want you to have fun too. i won’t spoil your journey.

or maybe i just have no idea and this is my fancy excuse to slip away from the situation?

clap clap clap, is the sound of two hands

fap fap fap, is the sound of one hand

I just learnt that the Golden Gate Bridge is officially … orange! And the sky is what, green?

somebody had this brilliant idea. problem. solved.

In this city, people criticize the techies, people complain about the homeless, people make fun of the hipsters, people hate the landlords. The only group that is universally loved is the gay. Unless they are a gay techie, a gay homeless, a gay hipster or a gay landlord. I think it’s pretty reliable to conclude that it’s in people’s nature to hate/dislike/criticize. I do it too. It feels good sometimes!

there’s this sweet and very popular spot in the city where people gather to relax on the grass while having a chat and a beer, or maybe just to listen to some music, which has the fantastic view of downtown in the background and the so called Painter Ladies, some victorian houses, in the foreground.

when i’m there, surrounded by hundreds of people, i wonder who lives in the Painted Ladies, and i feel sorry for them, for not being able to live their lives without being observed, for being unable to open their windows and walk around freely. and then, i think that if i lived there myself, i’d put the toilet right by one of the windows, keep it open, and i’d take my shits there, relaxed, enjoying the view of hundreds of people see my happy face through the window.

it’s not that i find it especially exciting, but the though comes to my mind every single time i visit the place.