It’s Sunday afternoon, it’s a sunny, happy, beautiful day. I’m walking down the street with my friends in a cute street with one store and one icecream shop. As we get closer to the ice cream store I notice a little girl is singing while waiting in line. “…the girl who has, everything”. As we are closer now I start singing as well “Look at this trove, treasures untold”. One of my friends joins too “how many wonders can one cavern hold”. We keep walking and smile when we pass by the girl who can’t believe to grown up men with weird accents are singing the song she was singing”. Coming towards us from the other side there’s two young women who are smiling and join the girl, my friend and I in the performance. “Looking around here you’d think, sure, she’s got everything!”. The two ladies pass us, we keep walking, and the little girl stays in the ice cream line singing “I’ve gadgets and gizmos aplenty”. I can hear her parents are laughing as we keep walking and getting further from the place where we just had the spontaneous musical performance.

The mathematical image I made yesterday is openly mathematical. Cylinders, spheres, cones and beziers.

The interesting part is in the lighting equations, which were modified from the more physically motivated equations used normally into something more cartoony. Hence, no postprocessing needed to get the look. Which is, imho, the right way to approach cartoon rendering.

Realtime version and code, here:

american fireworks suck big, big time. even the biggest celebrations here have the cheapest fireworks i’ve ever seen.

sorry, i guess the previous post needs an explanation.

i don’t eat grass.

i eat food that eats grass.

you have probably heard of the lion king and the circle of life? yeah

i was just asked if i’d ever marry a vegan. that made me think that in fact i’d never want to get involved with somebody who is, in order or importance,

* religious
* not open minded
* right wing
* vegan
* serial killer

just because an idea resonates with your consciousness or heart, it doesn’t mean is correct or that it is good for you

I was about to go to bed, but… it happened to be one of those improvised code-improv session. I started playing quickly with helixes (three intertwined cylinders, basically), I just wanted to write down the basic formula. But before I knew it I was doodling. And boy do I love this silent nights of relax and doodling… Since I got in the mood so quickly I decided to just continue playing for an hour or so and see where it would bring me this time. And surprisingly, the maths turned out pretty cute! So glad I let myself do it.

Realtime animated version, with code/maths, online and free as usual:

I slept through a 6.1 earthquare that got everybody awake last night. Sure I wasn’t at the epicenter, nor were most of the people that woke up in panic and reported the event terrified. I didn’t feel a thing.

I am being clearly selected by nature for extinction at the next upcoming bug natural disasters.

In the meanwhile, I am glad I have this sleeping superpowers. As if I didn’t know it already.

Oh my, I just was present at the most comically nerd silicon valley startup-iey awkward surreal conversation ever. I felt like I was in a freaking TV show. Four nerds talking about investors, blood cells, insects, aliens, medical technology, VCs, IPOs and rent. All in less than five minutes. I am not kidding. I promise. Of course I found an excuse and left immediately; I think that thing must be contagious.

I still can’t believe it.

Waiting at the airport I saw these magazines telling us what a beautiful woman is (or fashionable or sexy, according to the covers), and couldn’t help noticing that not all colors that I see everyday around me are equally portrayed, or even represented at all.

I’m not sure I like the fact that I even noticed this, it makes me feel part of the problem, at least in a symptomatic way. But in any case, I went online immediately and a simple search revealed that indeed this is a huge topic of discussion, and that it’s not a simple at all.

i don’t believe people who look at their watch for no more than one or two seconds, and they do know what time it is!

and then they even go “sure, i got time”.

. i . so . don’t . believe . you .

When you have to acknowledge gratitude to a bunch of people but you are too lazy to list them all… or when you fear forgetting about somebody… or even more often when you think not everybody that will want to be listed should actually be in that list…

…then, feel free to end your communication with a “you know who you are”

It’s perfectly responsibility-free, politically correct, and annoyingly impersonal. It works wonderfully in the modern world

i have only missed 3 out of the 28 planes i have taken in the last 10 months.

it’s a mere 11% miss rate…

the problem is that there had never been a traffic jam or anything making me miss my plane – it was always me being happily oblivious to the fact that my plane was at that time.

and no matter how i look to it or what excuses i give to myself… the data seems to clearly draw a conclusion. yes, i must be some sort of retard.

We confine nature in polygons.

Nature responds back with fractals.

(from the airplane, about to land)

Somebody was complaining the other day that according to the dictionary, “literally” now also means “figuratively”. It seems that the misuse of the word as a hyperbole by over-excited people have made it in practice, ironically, mean the opposite of what it actually means.

I noted to him that, then, he should know that the word “eventually” is probably being “”"”misused”"” by English speakers too, probably something he didn’t know. Cause, it is my impression that “eventually” must have changed its meaning in the recent history of the English language, to what it means today: “finally”.

The thing is, most other languages keep the “”true”"” meaning of “eventually”: “by chance” or “incidentally’ – something that happened as an rare/individual EVENT. Hence, “eventually”. But I guess English speakers one day decided to make it mean just the opposite.

So, the same way he was literally unaware of the misuse of eventually, future generations will eventually be unaware of the misuse of literally.

Yet another example of code simplification that people don’t seem to want to do. It must be the 5th ot 6th time I ask people to do this change when programming a point-to-line distance computation: please, replace this ugly

float sdLine( vec2 a, vec2 b, vec2 p )
    vec2 ba = b - a;
    vec2 pa = p - a;
    float dist = (ba.x*pa.y - ba.y*pa.x) / distance(a, b);
    if( dot(a-b,p-b) < 0.0 ) 
        return distance(b, p);
    if( dot(b-a,p-a) < 0.0 ) 
        return distance(a, p);
    return abs(dist);

by the much more beautiful:

float sdLine( vec2 a, vec2 b, vec2 p )
    vec2 pa = p - a;
    vec2 ba = b - a;
    float h = clamp( dot(pa,ba)/dot(ba,ba), 0.0, 1.0 );
    return length( pa - ba*h );

Do it for the karma or something.

One of the things I love from this city is its generalized weirdness. One doesn’t need to look too far or too hard to find it.

It’s a random Tuesday night, and I’m in my walk home after a long day of work. It’s late, but warm, so I decide to walk my bike and enjoy observing the city. A city that has already switched to its darkest face: that of neon lights, sirens, dark human silhouettes, unintelligible distant voices, party-hungry lost people, 24 hours liquor stores, and also, partially lit strange fashion store windows.

In fact, I hadn’t plan it at all, but after noticing I just passed a couple of weird store windows, I decide to take my camera out and capture some the ones I still might have to pass till I arrive to my place. And indeed, San Francisco delivers a few wonderfully creepy and fantastically weird store windows. The lighting design and the layer of window reflection of glowing elements of the city night makes them look amazing to my eyes (no photoshop required)

(click image to enlarge>

Imagine there’s a bunch of totally american, native English speaker nerds talking about data caching. How many different ways will they pronounce “data caching”?


Because of cache pronounced as “cash’, and cache pronounced as “cage”. And then, because of data pronounced as “data”, and data pronounced as “deita”.

Yeah. I also don’t know.

This cable car I’m riding dates back to 1873, when this city had 31 cable car lines operated by different companies. Apparently, this one and the other cars in the three currently operating lines are all original unmodified cars from those times.

And these are things you learn when you decide to take it easy and commute to work in a cable car. Despite it’s not raining. Why not!

…that the most judgmental and less forgiving people that i’ve met tend to be those same ones that go to church every Sunday.