words and numbers

Flight numbers and license plate numbers contain letters. And passwords usually contain numbers. Has somebody though of generalizing the concepts already?

more people that need to die

people who go in the car with the volume to the max and the windows open
– have decided the whole neighborhood needs to listen to their music
– clearly don’t care about others
– and must die
– because it is people like them that fuck it all when have access to power


Dressing up straight from the drier in the morning, undressing directly to the laundry machine at night.


Driving in the city, right in front of us there was this Lyft + Uber driver who’s plate read “VFX Shot”. Perhaps a good summary of the visual effects industry…


I don’t care what C++ dialect you speak. Pure-classless all-std:: mega-auto shit? No problem! Now, curly braces placement… I’d turn jobs down because of that!

bad design

There’s the music player’s volume control. There’s the OS’s volume control, Also, the laptop’s volume control. And of course, the speaker’s volume control. Some of those are actually the same control, but others modulate/multiply each other. And so, in the end you have 4 places to tweak volume and make it bad (since most of these are digital multiplies, not analog). Great

you idiot

I don’t understand cyclist (and electric skateboarders) who cross the traffic light in red. BUT they wear a fucking helmet.


these days i’m keeping my beard shorter than i normally would because i am horrified with the possibility of been mistaken with a hipster

slow processing, really?

Wow, computers are really slow these days: “The request to Unsubscribe has been recorded. Please allow up to 10 business days for your request to be processed”

two types of coders

those who delete the three letters of “png” and then type “jpg”, and those who add a “j” and delete an “n”

cyclist in red lights

cyclist, when you are in a red light, it is just okey if you put your foot down, you don’t need to perform weird dances in an attempt to keep the balance on the bike at all cost for the whole duration of the red light. i thought you should know. you are welcome!

same designers?

I think teethers and rattles these days have a remarkable resemblance to those adorable adult toys in the cute spicy stores (the kind friends buy to each other as wink-wink-gifts).

pagerank is not enough

We need an internet garbage collector, for obsolete GL1.2 tutorials, JQuery stack overflow responses, etc. Pagerank is clearly not enough

as of today, we aren’t ready for mars

Going to Mars without a political and scientific road map parallel to the technological plan is irresponsible.
– the first human martians, how long will it be before their new country declares independence from eath’s laws and poltics? do we know what we are doing here or will just improvise and resolve this with wars once again?
– are we just stepping in blindly and disrupting the local geology, history or even ecosystems that might exist. Once again?

I love the idea that we are going to mars, but all I hear is about rockets and fuel. nothing about politics or environment. we need a more adult conversation that rockets. soon.

no longer a startup

you know your startup is no longer a startup when you don’t facebook friend every coworker and that is alright.

still a few decades away

Since C++11/14/17 it seems they are seriously trying to make C++ be a lot more like Javascript (almost in a rush).

On the other hand, since ES5/6, the other guys are trying to make Javascript a lot more like C++ (trying too hard really).

I do see a beautiful language in the intersection. But it will take a decade or two for this seismic collision happen and a couple more for its aftermath to settle and solidify in a serious candidate to a language we can be proud of.

sin M

hay gente que se llama Antonio, pero no hay nadie que se llame Sinonio


this person is a complete idiot. it seems the less smart people are, the more willing they are to produce harm, although often, as in this case, they fail. but the intention is still there. some people should not exist.


(basically, he tried to copyright a simple mathematical formula. at my job, every month i create hundreds of formulas, some way more complex than this. but of course i’d never cross my mind to patent or own them. imagine that in a world that speaks news, songs, conversations, novels, jokes and poems, a person decides to patent the sentence “good morning” for everybody to pay him for using it. the amount of wrong is so big i cannot describe it)

just drop it

15.95 pounds is not 15 pounds and 9 and a half ounces. it’s 15 pounds 15.2 ounces.

i had to explain this to an adult recently.

if you cannot use your own twisted measure system, just drop it. make yourself a favor!