if the villain is a woman, she pursues eternal youth and beauty. if the villain is a man, he seeks world domination and power.

very last century attitude, fairy tale villains. you have to catch up with the times.

i love it when she cries.

she cries often, maybe once a week. when happiness overflows her. or when she’s told a sad story. or when something is really beautiful. and when it happens, i find her whimper too adorable and her tears so beautiful. i can’t help but love it and love her.

the baritone homeless singing and begging for money, the lady looking at the horizon with high heels and long hair waving to in the hair posing like in a magazine, the french family in their shorts and t-shirt tourist outfit confused because they though they had come to California, the old tiny chinese woman bringing two huge grocery bags that are clearly heavier than herself, a local performer with an accent getting in the comedy club to prepare her late night’s show.

things i saw today in the Sutter & Powell block on my way home

there’s only one thing more boring than watches, socks, cologne, pens and whisky glasses: beef jerky, bacon, survival knives, beer glasses and caps.

A quick exercise on analytically visualizing the curvature of parametric curves, for the curvature defined as c(f) = | f’ x f”| / |f’|^3 where f is the curve (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curvature): in red high curvature, in green low curvature. Realtime version and source code here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XlfXR4M)

twins have telepathy, they say. probably as much as any two other people who have lived most of their lives together and gone through the same phases of life at the same time.

unlike some of the other girls in the neighborhood, she hasn’t gone through any transition. she looks like a man dressed as a woman.

she must be from the hood because i see here often roaming the blocks delimited by Polk, Larkin, Geary and Clay, any time of the day. she often sits in the doorway in front of my apartment, perhaps that’s where she lives. she’s clearly not sane. she usually talks or croons while she walks, and her eyes wander all around without any particular focus point. she’s very pale and skinny, and has long black hair. she only puts her lipstick in her left side of the face, and she always wears a purse on her arm. in her left arm of course.

the other tranny girls in the hood wear comfy cloths during the day when they go grocery shopping or they walk their puppies and then, a few of them, wear their sexy slutty outfits at night. this one, however, always goes in her comfy pants and shirt, even during her lonely walks in those cold foggy nights that i see her when i come home late after midnight. she’s not working the street, she’s just there walking with her makeup and purse, whispering to herself. however a lot seems to be going on in her imagination. i wonder what it is. maybe i should ask her

one of the main reasons, if not _the_ reason, that i don’t run half-marathons (anymore) is that these kind of stuff is usually in the mornings.

one more cultural shock: when i hear a politician say “god bless America” it feels like i’d had been listening to a clown.

first, because it’s very creepy.

secondly, because no politician would ever be considered trustworthy or competent in Europe if (s)he said such a lunatic thing (you have to go to school and get an education before being entrusted the politics of a country).

if US politicians really have the urge to glorify something, they should say “americans bless america”, cause it’s their people who make it great.

some are surprised when i tell them i work and love making movies but that i don’t like watching movies (i can and sometimes do watch movies, but i don’t like it).

i don’t find it so surprising. think for example of the people who like fucking but don’t like kids.

or in a more artistic line, people who like cooking but not eating necessarily.

given how much i like doing nothing, i think it’s time to coin the gerund nothinging

one hair at placed at random on the wall leads to a curve, a couple of them to a silhouette, and a bunch, plus some bath-art jam session, to a shape and a fun shower time.

Are you a creative mind? maybe an artist? Do you have a great sense of style, your visual skills are flawless and you are an excellent analytical thinker and can perform functional analysis?

Then, please, do not become a User Interface (UI) designer. We don’t need more of you.

UI is a solved problem (for now). It has been for a few years now. Please stop reinventing ways to present information and functionality. We don’t need more fancy UIs and metaphores. Just stop it. Please, stop it. Put your brains to work in other more useful things. The world will appreciate. Thanks Very Much!

the fridge is not a good place to store your phone.

i remembered, just in time.

software renderers: please implement texture filtering or you’ll end your days rendering flight progress in airplanes.

When you are in the plane and they announce there’s the option to buy on-board articles (such as watches, perfumes, etc) at “the best prize”, what do they exactly mean with “best prize”? is it “best prize” compared to all the other stores that are flying in the plane with us, I suppose?

some piece of information: as many music albums are released every year as mathematical theorems.

Another quick mathematical image and animation. Experimenting with twisting the space inside out. Best seen in movement, here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XtSGDK

downstairs my office there’s this very hipster food place where everything is overpriced, by 3x. and despite they have the stuff i want, and despite my employer pays my meals, i refuse to buy there and give those bastards any penny. because of their cheek. it’s obscene.

Speaking of what.

Dear, USA. Locks for parking the bicycles, fences and alarms to protect your houses, or guns to defend your lives are all very third world strategies. You won’t belong in the first world until you fix your inequality issue.

Dear, Europe. Your walls and anti immigration policies won’t protect your society. Start working to fix the world-scale inequality problem you have created if you want to preserve your quality of life.