bcn 2007 - mesh compression techniques for 4 kilobytes demos

BCN party has always been a cosy party, and I have enjoyed it for some quite editions. So this year I wanted to help a bit, and the best way to do so was in form of a little tutorial on mesh compression in the context of four kilobytes demos.

I always found lack of information on this matter, as most of serius mesh compression research out there is focused on big and smooth meshes, while in a four kilobytes demo you most probably are not going to be able to store more than few hundred base polygons, which of course are not going to be smooth or correlated at all. Most professional techniques not only are not suitable for such high frequency meshes, but the decompression techniques are too complex too as to fit in say, 100 bytes of C code. Therefore I decided to publish the tricks/techniques I developed in some if the four kilobytes demos that successfully managed to show few thousand polygons in screen, in arround one kilobytes of data and code.

The slides show some interesting results and code for the Paradise, 195/95/267, Kinderplomber and Stiletto demos.

Click here to download the presentation.


iņigo quilez 2007