original guilt

I think the fact people seem to fear AI so much and assume it will take over and get us to extinction rather than care and love us, is probably just a new and modernized form of the sentiment of original guilt.

To me, the sentiment acknowledges that we humans are assholes and that we know it. And that consequently we fear that sooner or later we will have to pay for it in some way. The punishment used to come from our father, back in times of infantile/religious thinking, and it comes form our own child these days, it seems.

More interestingly, this fear builds upon assuming that this AI will operate according to values and needs similar to those of humans (such love or self-preservation), which is a very narrow, self-reflective and arrogant way of projecting the nature of something that is bigger than us. Basically, we are assuming the AI will behave in an asshole way (destroying the less developed been) just as _we_ have been doing ourselves forever in history.

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