we’ve fucked up

I’m surprised we talk about Fake News now as if this was a sudden thing. While it can be explained very easily as a mere continuation of what’s been happening in the last years. Since I joined social media I’ve been astonished to see how much bullshit gets spread in the form of super moons, the fear to vaccination, blessings to god, the vibrations in the universe, creationism, the memory of water, the frequencies of happiness, and another million fake facts since the day I joined social media. At first we couldn’t believe it, then we ridiculed it. And eventually, and this is the problem, we just ignored it because we thought those “idiots” who believed all that fake information were harmless to us. Well, guess what, now it’s a bit too late to worry, we’ve fucked up, we cannot rewind 30 years of bullshit and send everybody back to real schools.

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