addictions, doodling, clouds and maths

I love doodling. This is not anything new.

Doodling is not only fun, but convenient too. In these days of real-lifeness, lots of work and little time, short small doses of pleasure can be an alternative way to satisfy your addictions, dependencies and needs.

This morning I was testing some framework I developed for live coding, and soon the intended pure feature check exercise developed in a full mathemagical doodling session. This happened during breakfast. The sky was blue outside my window. But unless accompanied by a good gradient of sunrise/sunset colors, I don’t like clear blue skies that much, they are dry and emotionless, they lack interest and beauty (aren’t interest and beauty the same thing?). Seems my compulsive half hour of doodling tried to fix the sky outside my window, also compulsively. Clouds are beautiful. They have a shape, colors, shadows, volume, movement, they fly majestically above our problems and concerns, and they even cry.

As usual, a few lines of code implementing a primitive raymarcher into some noise density field is all you end up needing to create the illusion and bring clouds to your picture. You can see these clouds move, and play with them if you so wish, here:

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