i have a couple sitting next to me. they are in their 50s. i think they must have had a fight a few minutes ago, cause they’re obviously (still) angry at each other. they’ve been drinking, i can smell it from here. their dirty, ragged cloths tells me they are tramps, or homeless, or quite close to be. who knows what’s their story, what dragged them into this, into a slow decline into homelessness. when i see people in the edge like them two, it always makes me shudder, i simply can’t get used to it. i wonder if that’s why they fought. it surely must be difficult to go through it.

they boarded in the previous station, and sat next to me. in front of us there’s a lady. she’s in her 50s too. she’s wearing some elegant pants, jacket and a purse. she’s looking at them since the moment they came in and sat.

she’s examining them, and given the expression in her face, she’s clearly disproving everything she sees in them. she has even muttered a few words. as the train arrives to the next station, and the one after the next, and as we arrive to the third stop yet this woman hasn’t even blinked nor moved her intense sight away from them, i start to get really tense. i nail my eyes in her, and stare at her intensely till, after a minute, she realized and sees my eyes in fire. she looks to the window for a while, then looks in our direction again. but i’m still looking at her, so she picks her smartphone and starts doing something with it.

the couple sitting by me were busy enough with their anger, thoughts and problems as to have noticed the woman’s judgemental inspection they were undergoing. probably they wouldn’t have cared. as for the repulsive woman, the one in front of us, she’s probably not even read or understood my unspoken message. those people never do.

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