one afternoon of coding

this afternoon i decided to stay home. no roaming in the streets of the city, no sleeping in the park, no lunch with friends, no biking to the beach, no movies, no shopping, no nothing, not even internet or reading or writing, but a short coding session. i started and finished a small effect/sketch in a go. quality is no the best, but i needed to do this for a gig we have next week. besides, it’s a good warming up for the upcoming coding days i will be having next months, those who are not 5, but 12 hours in a row. i can’t wait!

after codding the dressing, shading an lighting, i programmed some procedural camera movements and animations for the gears and hammers, and exposed some of the parameters in the procedural animations though the keyboard. that way i could play music and improvise the camera changes and gear movements. that’s what you see in the video in fact, me improvising for the first time with the just cooked effect, still warm from the oven, i mean, compiler.

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