hi there!

you know, i always wonder how self-aware are some people. i’m not speaking about their existence, the meaning of their lives, the relevance of their spirit, their place in history or the universe. no. i’m simply speaking about the most basic physical proximity awareness this time.

i often find myself having difficulties to leave the bart car because some passengers decide to enter the car before letting the ones inside leave before. i can understand some cultural differences in ways of behaving, but still, i mean, can’t they simply think about other people? just a bit, thanks? don’t they fucking see us? wtf?

what about the ones in the escalator who, seeing you are in a hurry, are still unable to move to the right side of the steps and let other people move around. they might even be in the front of a huge line of people what is waiting for them to realize about the thing and are there just unable to move forward. didn’t they see us? i mean, really? wtf?

i also have to leave my bike sometimes in that special area reserved for bikes, which you can only access thru a narrow corridor. yet somebody decides to leave the bike right there in the entrance and not let the others put their bikes in the very empty space behind. didn’t (s)he see the situation? wasn’t (s)he able to predict the most basic type of future or didn’t have the most minimal sense of space? wtf?

lastly, what about the guy that, unlike all the other freaking persons before him, doesn’t hold the door of the building so that we can go all in when it is his turn? w.t.f.?

guess what, i had a bad day…

i sometimes think that some people are simply self-conscious but retarded assholes.

…ok ok, let’s be more constructive and self-critic

that, or there really are physically/spatial/socially blind, unaware people out there. and if so, am i also one of them? am i annoying somebody without even noticing? i really hope i’m not.

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