reusing – good on paper

it’s very disheartening to open my mailbox and find all these publicity.

every week i get as much paper as that i will need in a complete year for my own personal use. and i simply have to throw it away. this so discouraging, because it somehow means that all the effort i put on not wasting paper in my personal work does not make any difference and is pretty much useless.

for example, when i need some paper sheets to write something down or sketch something or solve something, i’m still using the back-faces of one of the copies of my engineering master thesis of eight years ago. nobody will ever have a look to it anyway, not even myself. so that counts for 300 wasted white faces that i decided to reuse. i go like five to ten pages a month, so my master thesis suffices to provide me all the paper i will still need in the next few years. after that, other old works and photocopies will come, so i probably reached already the point where i won’t waste any more paper in my life. yet again, all the paper i will safe this way during a year is far less than what I have just thrown away to the garbage when I opened my mailbox this morning…

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