there is more to it than it seems

I guess it’s normal that for every project/idea that makes it into that area of fame and public noise there are five more that didn’t get any attention at all. Even if they were equally good. I have to face it, it’s just like that.

But even more revealing is the fact that for every project/idea that gets published at all in the first place there are five more that never saw the light of the public space. These are experiments, or attempts to serious productions/publications that for some reason didn’t survive indeed. Sometimes, a good idea is not followed by a good execution. Sometimes the idea to begin with turns out to be bad one, and there is no ninja technical trickery that can save the project and it gets aborted. Some other times my knowledge is simply not good enough or I lack the skills to develop the idea further even if it might have been a potentially good one (I will never know!). Lastly, and more commonly, sometimes a project gets forgotten due to “priorities”, or in other more crude words, the absolute lack of time.

Today I was cleaning my hard disk up – I was moving stuff from the “d:\2_doing” to the “d:\3_done” folder. In the process I have found some of those frustrated projects. One of them is a procedural image in 4 kilobytes from 2008 that should have gone into the corresponding competition at the Evoke demo-party of that year. But, as I recall it, the creation process didn’t work out as expected and I got bored of the image too soon to have found anything interesting to do with it – I didn’t find any inspiration to turn it into a demo worth publishing.

Anyway I have decided to rescue it in the last minute and make it public, even if it’s in this very silent and forgotten blog-wanna-be place and not in a competition. Perhaps next time I will get more inspiration and luck. Hope so!

it’s a raytracer with a couple of simple procedural patters for texturing and some global illumination magic

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