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garbage collection

Garbage Collection (in programming languages) is like the hotel housekeeping service. Conveniently clean after your mess every day for you while you are out… but frequently disrupt the most inopportune times as well

cyclism and organic tomatoes

we all know that cyclists that don’t do doping and are “clean” have their blood up to your eyeballs full of substances that are at the very limit of the constantly changing doping regulation in force at the time.

i suspect “organic” labelled food is pretty much the same, that the thing you buy in your hipster grocery is still a greenhouse grown tomato (that’s why it doesn’t taste like a real sun-grown tomato) and still has all sort of substances in it, only that the chemical composition hasn’t made it into the latest regulation yet.

thor’s day – thursday

Satur(n)day, Sunday, Mo(o)nday. From Spanish, I also new that Tuesday is Mars’ day (Martes), Wednesady is Mercury’s day (Miercoles), Thursday is Jupiter’s day (Jueves) and Friday is venus (Viernes).

What I didn’t know is that Thursday is god Thor’s day (Thursday), which got romanized to the god Jupiter’s day. The goddess Frige’s day got romanized to the goddess Venus’ day. The god Tiw’s day (Tuesday) of war got naturally romanized to the god Mars’ day.

x^y = y^x

The other day I was thinking that 2^4 = 4^2, and I wondered if there are many couple of numbers that behave like that. As a result of playing a bit with the maths, I got some deeper insight and then documented it in this video:

we deserve to die

I read this message as part of an animal protection campaign.

“Foxes are an important part of our countryside; they keep rabbit numbers down, saving farmers up to millions per year.”

It’s sad that the thing that moves people is just and almost exclusively money. The same happens when people try to convince republicans that clean energy is a good investment. How can we be so fucking retarded? As species, we deserve to die. Soon.

* on killing foxes vs killing rabbits, if you have something to object, I’ll refer you to the cartoon movie The Lion King

arrogant conspiracy believers

To those who claim their communications are being monitored and that they are being tracked 24×7…

You are very arrogant.

Do you really think your life so amazing, fantastic and interesting that it is worth being monitored and tracked?

Give me a break

one header file libs

I think if you make a one-file-library, you know, one of those single .h file libraries, then you might as well make a .cpp for it, extract all the private noise from the header and distribute a cleaner and more professional library. Two files are just as easy to include as one. Just saying…


9737333 is a primer number. It’s the 648391th primer number actually. But 648391 is a prime number too! It is the 52711th primer number, what a coincidence. Guess what… yes, 52711 is a primer number as well, it’s the 5381th primer number. I don’t need to tell you 5381 is prime, although I will tell you it is the 709th one, and that 709 is the 127th one. Mr Mersenne new 127 is the 31th prime number, and we all know 31 is the 11th primer, that 11 is the 5th, that 5 is the 3rd, that 3 is the second, and that 2, and not 1, is the first primer number.

I wrote after a bit of playing one day that I realized that 17 is the 7th primer number and that 7 is a prime itself, which is cool. I decided to study this, and produced the following sequences:

2 3 5 11 31 127 709 5381 52711 648391 9737333 …
7 17 59 277 1787 15299 167449 2269733 …
13 41 179 1063 8527 87803 1128889 …
19 67 331 2221 19577 219613 3042161 …
23 83 431 3001 27457 318211 4535189 …
29 109 599 4397 42043 506683 7474967 …
37 157 919 7193 72727 919913 …

I though I was going to study this a little bit more, only to do a search in and discover that, of course, somebody studied this things before me a few years ago. Sight.


in a world were practicing yoga with goats is a thing, i propose we agree on “massex” being a thing – you go with your partner to a place where you can make love to each other while a massexer massages both of you in the feet or head or whatever is accessible at a given time.