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new farming

you know, young farmers with hipster beards and mustaches taking care of the crops with the power of ipads.

this is how city hipsters fantasize their wholefoods and farmer’s market (mass produced organic labelled) edibles are produced.

do you want to kill creativity?

Promote open working spaces without offices, internal chat communication tools and sprint based agile processes. Congratulations, you are fostering a whole generation of super productive teams able to work in absolutely nothing original.

I’ll now skip the introductory paragraph where I explain how these practices have become popular in the last decade because, well, you know them already. So, straight to the point:

– Agile Development. If you are not in the development phase but in the pre-production phase when you are requited to find a creative solution and designs or expecting to come up with totally new ideas, then the last thing you want to create is agile development. What you want instead is slow and unstructured exploration.

– Open Spaces. A really bad idea. People are the most creative when they are in an isolated space, distractions and noise free. An office with maybe a couch for one or two people at most is the best space. Also, the shower at home is a great source of good ideas, but it’s more difficult to accommodate for shared creative shower time in offices.

– Chat Communication Tools. Noise. Noise. Noise. They are a really bad idea. As if youtube, the conversation happening the desk next to you or the visitors were not enough of a distraction. Now you have one more thing you need to actively monitor periodically, taking you out of any creative process you were sinking into. These internal team chats are the worse thing ever.

Note I have no formal education on team management. I’m speaking only form the perspective of somebody who’s very job and responsibility is to be creative.

life in black and white

if you have had an even minimally promiscuous sex history – first, congratulations. second, you surely noticed that there are some people out there that apparently never learnt sex. sexual illiteracy is relatively common.

sex, just like most things in live, is something you learn, you improve upon practice, you enjoy, you practice with care, and you live through. it’s like like riding your bicycle, dancing or reading. and just like those, life without it, i am sorry to say, it’s not a colorful one but a life in black and white. sure, you do enjoy it. but you are just missing a lot.


From the creators of

– Was the breakfast filling and delicious?
– It was so healthy!

comes the

– Was he hot and handsome?
– He was so adorable and smart!

Cool, that’s what we eventually want, but it’s not what we were asking about this time. But thanks for replying anyway

no, but relly

You really want to know how much I really don’t like movies?

For the longest time I thought Stanley Kubrick was the inventor of the famous cube.

Now I know I’m wrong. But that’s all I know about him.

a mathematical image in real life!

I always wanted to try mixing real life footage and computer generated mathematical content. So today in the office I did a quick test: I wrote an After Effects plugin so I could do exactly that – take one of my mathematical images from and embed it in a small video of my pretending do be aware of its existence. It’s my first ever attempt to enhance real life imagery with CG imagery, but I think it came well enough! I had to work on the blending area between the desk and the Mandelbulb shape, on the shadow it casts on the desk and the lighting it receives so that it would all integrate properly. I did that by live coding the shader while in After Effects, just like in Shadertoy itself. Here’s the result:

i don’t learn

having to download a document or paper in PowerPoint format is already a bad beginning.

you know next thing you’ll do is downloading Open Office, and then deleting both the document and the office package after you see how broken the document content renders in it.

and you know this before you start downloading the PowerPoint. because it’s happened many times before.

yet you do it all. as predicted


i think it’s time to get our vocabulary up to date.

for example, i very rarely send my packages by ship. but “shipping” implies (or it did) to send something by ship. and that’s what i visualize when people tell me they are shipping something. i almost want to wish them good luck with the pirates and buccaneers that might intercept and steal their item.

shall we revise this? maybe we can change “shipping” to reflect modern practices, and call it “airplaning” or “trunking”? or may be simply “sending”?

best idea ever

best way to tease your guests? use “whatpassword” as password for your wifi network, and wait till they ask for it.

ugliness, with pride

Speaking of what, now that I can do front-end coding… am I now supposed to put one million ugly stickers in the back of my laptop or how does that work?

forward or backward

I have changed the JS glRenderer from a classical prototypical object to a class free (Module like) object. Am I going forward or backward?

mushroom doodle

Another quick mathematical image. I improvised a mushroom in a weird landscape, apparently. I didn’t plan that at all, but that’s where I landed after one hour (or maybe two?) of random doodling. There’s nothing particular in this one technically or mathematically speaking. It’s more of a practicing session on Friday morning (the equivalent of a pianist practicing scales perhaps). But I like the result, hence I post it.

Realtime maths and source code here:

resurrecting? okey, i buy

in fact, resurrecting after 3 days of being dead is way, way more believable that growing a woman from a rib, the world sinking under water, a talking bush in fire, a plague of frogs, opening a corridor across the sea or multiplying bread and fish. i assume these are mistranslations, or meant to be metaphors rather than facts, but still.