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a professional nerd

i don’t like computers, technology, tech conferences, games, films, entrepreneurship, installations, white PCs, linux, apps, websites, feeds, fanzines, comics, 8 bit music, meetups, hardware, resolutions, gigahertz, IPOs, markets, tablets, opportunities, startups, game conferences, film festivals, photography, directing, PROGRAMMING, forums, business. those words give me headache.

i do like making things that didn’t exist before, hopefully aweing people with them, and then in the spare time resting, sleeping, skiing, dancing, pianoing, staring at the wall, walking in the city, being naughty, being VERY naughty, exploring, taking long showers, doing stupid things, writing. did i say sleeping?

however, sometimes i need to be a nerd for work during a few hours a week. it’s professional.

one measure: crotchet, crotchet, crotchet, crotchet

my neighbors are fucking fast. fucking as a verb, not an adverb. they’re very robotic too.

i think it’s the ones right above me, but i cannot really tell cause they are very silent themselves, i only hear the rapid and mechanical hits of their bed in the wall. in fact, they are so perfectly periodic i think their fornication would make a good metronome for me to play piano. | crotchet, crotchet, crotchet, crotchet | crotchet, crotchet, crotchet, crotchet |

a message

seems that someone from the hotel staff had a message for the hosts in floor number nine.

i’d say that while most things are indeed delicately interconnected, some are brutally interconnected

SF and Kirchhoff’s first law

this is the only place on earth where wind hits you from north, south, east and west, all at the same time. which is physically impossible. yet, it happens. in particular, the cross streets of Post & Powell and Pine & Van Ness don’t follow Kirchhoff’s first law of current.


oh boy… i really, really love this place. but precisely because of that, like with the other places i love, i cannot but be critical with it. so here:

it seems people here “believe” in global warming. i know! like if we hadn’t collectively agreed on these things already, like, i don’t know, 400 years ago. renaissance anybody? or perhaps i’m getting it wrong, and we do “believe” in iphones too?

of course everything is and should be subject to doubt and critic, but please, if we go that road, then let’s be serious about it please.

mathimage #2. cubescape

So, seems i have publicly committed to creating one new and original real-time mathematical image a week, for a whole new year. Yeah, what a suicide exercise. But no fear, I’m sure it’s going to be fun. As with vomiting lines in this blog, hammering my piano or crawling to work, improvising this formulanimations will become one of those habits that don’t take much, yet are delicious.

Last week I improvised some clouds, so I thought of doing something less natural and more abstract this time: a cubescape. It actually reacts (dances) to the music, so it’d be a good idea to see it live here (you’ll need to do this in Google Chorme):


i have a couple sitting next to me. they are in their 50s. i think they must have had a fight a few minutes ago, cause they’re obviously (still) angry at each other. they’ve been drinking, i can smell it from here. their dirty, ragged cloths tells me they are tramps, or homeless, or quite close to be. who knows what’s their story, what dragged them into this, into a slow decline into homelessness. when i see people in the edge like them two, it always makes me shudder, i simply can’t get used to it. i wonder if that’s why they fought. it surely must be difficult to go through it.

they boarded in the previous station, and sat next to me. in front of us there’s a lady. she’s in her 50s too. she’s wearing some elegant pants, jacket and a purse. she’s looking at them since the moment they came in and sat.

she’s examining them, and given the expression in her face, she’s clearly disproving everything she sees in them. she has even muttered a few words. as the train arrives to the next station, and the one after the next, and as we arrive to the third stop yet this woman hasn’t even blinked nor moved her intense sight away from them, i start to get really tense. i nail my eyes in her, and stare at her intensely till, after a minute, she realized and sees my eyes in fire. she looks to the window for a while, then looks in our direction again. but i’m still looking at her, so she picks her smartphone and starts doing something with it.

the couple sitting by me were busy enough with their anger, thoughts and problems as to have noticed the woman’s judgemental inspection they were undergoing. probably they wouldn’t have cared. as for the repulsive woman, the one in front of us, she’s probably not even read or understood my unspoken message. those people never do.

addictions, doodling, clouds and maths

I love doodling. This is not anything new.

Doodling is not only fun, but convenient too. In these days of real-lifeness, lots of work and little time, short small doses of pleasure can be an alternative way to satisfy your addictions, dependencies and needs.

This morning I was testing some framework I developed for live coding, and soon the intended pure feature check exercise developed in a full mathemagical doodling session. This happened during breakfast. The sky was blue outside my window. But unless accompanied by a good gradient of sunrise/sunset colors, I don’t like clear blue skies that much, they are dry and emotionless, they lack interest and beauty (aren’t interest and beauty the same thing?). Seems my compulsive half hour of doodling tried to fix the sky outside my window, also compulsively. Clouds are beautiful. They have a shape, colors, shadows, volume, movement, they fly majestically above our problems and concerns, and they even cry.

As usual, a few lines of code implementing a primitive raymarcher into some noise density field is all you end up needing to create the illusion and bring clouds to your picture. You can see these clouds move, and play with them if you so wish, here:


engineers are those with the almost supernatural ability to concentrate all their attention in a ridiculously tiny part of a problem and focus on it for days, months and years tirelessly. and still completely miss the context of the actual problem.

an sure you need them to get shit done. sure they will ask tons of money for it, and sure they very well deserve it! but they might need extremely close supervision and strict direction in order to not get lost. remember, focusing in details is their thing, not seeing and understanding the big picture.

just because

yesterday i did part of my commute by cable car. why? just because. need more reasons? ok; because of SF. and because of A Quai. also, because of the weather, and the light, and the morning. because the cable car leaves from my block, because of the smell of wood and sound of the gears. lastly, because i wanted it so. in summary, “just because”.

ronde jambe

every time i get off my bike i do a ronde jambe en l’air, and pose my right foot smoothly in the floor, grateful like a ballerina. i don’t know why i do it, but i like doing it. perhaps it’s one of those things that i do to remind myself that, no matter what’s going on today, there was a not very distant yesterday that was warm and beautiful too.

why is it?

why, why is it, that a skirt is never too short, and there’s no heels that are too high?

thoughts on sexyness and its mysteries

summing up

among the many things i’ve done today, these are the ones that come to my mind right before falling asleep:

* i enjoyed a gorgeous sunny summery day while cycling to the office
* met a stranger in the bart
* had a gift on my desk when i arrived to the office
* made my very first spontaneous (and decent) joke ever in english (i’m pretty proud of this)
* caught up on life issues with a good friend of mine
* had three steaks for dinner
* pixelated a full Nyan Cat animation by hand!
* plus many more little things

now, smile and Zzzzz