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the geometry of life

when plotted in experience-space, the parametric graph of life is pretty much a spiral, for you often go through similar experiences and phases, just being (hopefully) more knowledgeable every time. growth would therefore happens radially, inwards. in fact, humans do not perceive and measure life over its parameter, time, which might be linear, but across cycles, which of course get shorter and shorter in their way to the center of the spiral, resulting in the familiar feeling that life accelerates continuously.

but this is something I already thought when I was 16. see?

erre que erre

Hey, ¡mañana es Sábado! ¿Por qué esta noche no te vieRnes a casa conmigo?

una historia de insistencia y ortografía

doing it right

dear friends, hope you get this one for once: if you go serious (ie, beyond Nehe) you shouldn’t store your rendering context in your Window:: class, but in your Renderer:: class. Remember, you can be rendering to many windows, right? Aha. Thank you so much!

first floor

i’m always confused when people refer to the ground level floor as “first floor”. maybe it’s because i’m programmer, but when it comes to levels and grades, i always start to count at zero, not one. i think many people do so as well, right? this practice not only makes more sense to me, but it is also consistent with the way we refer to floors in a building in spain (and i’m guessing here too?)

and i say all of this after i wasn’t able to find the theater room number 3 that was supposed to be in the “second floor” according to the employee of the theater giving directions. it took me 5 minutes to realize that, of course!, my room wasn’t in the second floor, but in the first floor.

el diluvio

llueve demasiado, pero ya está, no puedo esperar más, “jerónimo!”. a tope bajo la lluvia. eso sí, primera parada, la tienda. compro un paraguas; para aguas (de propósito, o de parar, no lo sé). continúo la expedición río abajo por Polk Street. visualizo el panorama como gente que conduce botes y transeúntes con manguitos. no problem, “banzaaaai”, sigo caminando. charco número uno, pie izquierdo. mierda. ok, ok, sigue, tira para abajo. charco número dos, pie derecho. joder. no te rindas, gladiador. llego a los rápidos de Post Street. olas y vendaval. maniobro para evitar los náufragos que aún se mantienen a flote. por fin llego a Powell Street, donde me espera el tsunami. la cortina de agua es sólida y no hay refugio posible, tengo todo lo que hay de cintura para abajo empapado. eso incluye también calzoncillos. estaba pensando que tal vez en vez de otra bici, lo que tengo que comprarme es una fueraborda.

la jota

esta pensando que la jota también es muy española (no el baile, sino la letra). o muy árabe, vamos. porque los flamencos también la tienen (no los andaluces, sino los belgas), pero la pronuncian bastante más suave. y el resto de los europeos ni la huelen.

about chapter 3

now that i think about the third chapter of my life, i realize that my resounding lack of experience and the naiveness of the sailing across it was as remarkable as the passion that drove it all. in fact, “chapter 3” started with a dream. well, two dreams. mine, and that of a girl, whose dream i made mine too.

i know it pretty much starts as an old-fashioned fairy tale (really?), but what can i say, indeed, that’s what it was.

use two, not one

this is very old news of course, and i believe i already spoke about it, but computing the cross-product of your normal with an arbitrary vector is not the way to go. without loose of generality, pick {0 0 1} as your arbitrary vector. then your basis is

{ x y z }, { -y x 0}, { xz yz z²-1 }

the length squared of the las axis is x² + y² = 1-z², and the volume (determinant) of the basis is x²z² – x² – y²z² – x²z² + y²z² – y² = -x²-y² = -1+z², both of which reduce to zero when your vector {x y z} aligns to {0 0 1}. So, if you need to keep track of a reference system, always use two vector (perpendicular to your normal/direction).

as once i got to know, this happens to be a corollary of the hairy ball theorem.


qué de sinónimos tenemos para la misma palabra, ¿no? así, que se me ourran, gandul, holgazán, vago, perezoso, remolón y zángano. cosas de la evolución del lenguage.

que se adapta a las necesidades

una paradita en el camino

miro para atrás
y veo todo lo que aprendí
todo lo que inventé
todo lo que intuí
y pienso qué gran recorrido

miro para adelante
y veo todo lo que tengo que aprender
todo lo que tengo que inventar
todo lo que intuyo
y pienso qué gran recorrido

intenando evitar los todavía y los aúnes

fumando pedos

when i get picky about you smoking next to me and complain about it, i’m not concerned by my health really. don’t try to fight me on that front. when i complain is because i find it disgusting. i rather smell your fart than your smoke. yes, it is that disgusting. and yes, it’s that simple too. you get it now? okthxbye.

. shouting loud to my hear, pushing me, farting in my face, smoking right next to me – all are the same
. you need to do it? ok, nothing wrong with it. just move a bit away or do it outdoors. it’s easy

cuando me pongo pesadito sobre tu humo, y me quejo, no es que me preocupe mi salud. no intentes defenderte por ese flanco. cuando me quejo es porque lo encuentro asqueroso. preferiría uno de tus pedos con metralla que tu humo. sip, es así de desagradable.y sí, es así de simple, no hay más. lo pillas? vale.

. gritarme al oído, empujarme, echarte un pedo en mi cara, fumar a mi lado: son todo lo mismo para mí
. ¿que lo tienes que hacer? oki, no pasa nada. muévete un poquillo para allí, o ve fuera. es sencillo