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melancoholic? just sometimes

si no llorase a propósito
almenos de vez en cuando
para qué querría todas estas lágrimas
que guardé para más tarde con tanto esfuerzo
if i didn’t cry on purpose
at least sometimes
then why would i want to keep all this tears
that i kept for later with so much effort

a nice morning

it was one of those mornings. warm air and sun tickling my face. i rode the bike slowly, relaxed. passed by the back door, but this time i continued riding, and entered the office through the main door instead. why not. fue una de esas mañanas. de aire cálido y un sol que me hacía cosquillas en la cara. pedalée despacito, sin prisa y relajado. y esta vez, cuando llegué a puerta trasera, seguí de largo y entré al curro por la puerta principal, bajo el gran letrero. por qué no.

reusing – good on paper

it’s very disheartening to open my mailbox and find all these publicity.

every week i get as much paper as that i will need in a complete year for my own personal use. and i simply have to throw it away. this so discouraging, because it somehow means that all the effort i put on not wasting paper in my personal work does not make any difference and is pretty much useless.

for example, when i need some paper sheets to write something down or sketch something or solve something, i’m still using the back-faces of one of the copies of my engineering master thesis of eight years ago. nobody will ever have a look to it anyway, not even myself. so that counts for 300 wasted white faces that i decided to reuse. i go like five to ten pages a month, so my master thesis suffices to provide me all the paper i will still need in the next few years. after that, other old works and photocopies will come, so i probably reached already the point where i won’t waste any more paper in my life. yet again, all the paper i will safe this way during a year is far less than what I have just thrown away to the garbage when I opened my mailbox this morning…

urge to speak

ah, long time no write. mostly due to the lack of internet connection at home. well, not completely true, i could have written from the office. thing is that i think the isolation from the world wide web has made me remember the old days when i didn’t have this need for throwing posts with random ideas or feelings to the net continuously.

sure that when i first found myself without connectivity (and lets for now just ignore the question of how such a thing can happen) i was in sudden panic. no facebook? no blog? no statistics about visitors to my website? no google? no skype? no email? however, and still somehow not to my surprise, by the second day i was perfectly fine with it.

cause in fact, i still remember the day i realized that i don’t have any real interest in that thing they call the real world that was 13 years ago, when i switched off the tv forever, turned all the radio sets down and stopped reading the newspapers. my life became much richer, and i concluded that any need for listening to the world out there, whatever the social pressure, was just artificial – things around me, those i could hear by your own were far more interesting.

few weeks ago, after a couple of days without internet, i already started hearing the echoes of that experience of 13 years ago. couldn’t it be that now i was suffering a new type of social pressure? what if instead of listening to the outside world, today i was under the social obligation of speaking to the outside world? perhaps this is the web 2.0 after all, this urge to tweeter, facebook, email and blog about anything i want to tell, or, even worse, just say in any case after a week i had as much interest in blogging as i had on watching a tv – i was simply too entertained with other more interesting stuff.

but here you are again – you might say. and yes indeed, here i am. i guess that’s cause, like with most people i guess, i don’t speak to the outside world when i blog, but to myself, and to those few ones who are still oldschool enough as to be listening instead of just making noise themselves.

how much of the internet is about sharing ideas and communicating, and much is about letting all us idiots calm our egos down by shouting our own thoughts

¿antónimos? – antonyms?

tierno y perverso
granuja e inocente

¿quién ha dicho que son antónimos o incompatibles?

tender and perverse
naughty and naive

who said these are antonyms or incompatible?

por suerte

por suerte me guío más por intuiciones y por corazonadas que por otra cosa.
por suerte, porque resulta que casi siempre me sale todo bien.

casi mejor

de hecho, las respuestas a las siguientes dos preguntas casi que me parecen más significativas que las del signo zodiacal:

¿eres de Nutella o de Nocilla?
¿eres de Nestquick o de Colacao?

¡ahora sí empezamos a entendernos!

[…] Y así resulta que existen por tanto cuatro tipo de personalidades: los “nune”, los “nuco”, los “none” y los “noco”, que están asociados a los cuatro vientos del norte, sur, este y oeste, los cuatro elementos ancestrales agua, tierra, aire y fuego, las cuatro estaciones y que además quedan perfectamente inscritos en el símbolo mágico trébol de cuatro pétalos. cada una de las cuatro personalidades viene tiene un marcado perfil psicológico, que puede asociarse a la de cada uno de los cuatro mosqueteros, a saber, […]

lo siento, hoy me tocaba ser sarcástico, por una vez

totalmente … estúpido

cuando me preguntan por mi signo del zodíaco, yo miento y me invento un signo nuevo cada vez. lo mejor es casi siempre dicen “ah pues sí, te veo cara de Leo, porque los Leos son muy así, como tú, totalmente”. y yo pienso, “si, totalmente….” y después “qué hago, le quito la ilusión o le dejo en paz con su fantasía”.

por cierto, ¿cuándo perdimos la segunda “o” de “zoodíaco”?

la "z"

déjate de eñes y de eñes, la letra más castiza es la ceta. ¡y con diferencia!

¡hola rafaela!

si fuera un lugar
sería un bosque frondoso
si fuera un número
sería el 7, o tal vez el 13
si fuera un sonido
sería el de un suspiro
si fuera un deseo
sería el tuyo
si fuera un mueble
sería un cajón de ropa interior
si fuera un signo
sería el de exclamacion
si fuera un momento
sería ahora
if i was a place
i would be a dense forest
if i was a number
i would be 7, or perhaps 13
if i was a sound
i would be a sight of pleasure
if i was a wish
i would be yours
if i was furniture
i would be a lingerie drawer
if i was a sign
i would be an exclamation mark
if i was an moment
i would be now

somos la misma cosa

acabo de desayunar tres yogures con cereales
y como siempre aquí llega mi sed colosal
así que me bebo medio tazón de agua
pero la mitad que no termino se la doy a la planta
que esta mañana también tiene sed
como yo
y bebe como una loca de mi taza
como yo

y es que al final somos la misma cosa
qué obvio, qué básico, pero que fácil lo olvidamos

just finished my three yogurt and cereals breakfast
now i feel this massive thirst as usual
so i drink half bowl of water
and give the other half to my plant
cause this morning she is thirsty too
just like me
she drinks like mad from my bowl
just like me

for in the end we are the very same thing
it’s so obvious, so elemental, but how often we forget it

ya han regresado

esta semana han vuelto los colibríes a mi ventana, a recolectar ese jugo que sacan de las flores rojas. también han vuelto las ardillas a mi calle. SQUIRREL!